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UFO Technology.

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got in my flat where everything that is not about to be used in the next few days gets stored. I have become over the years, a bit of a hoarder. My pursuance through the rubbish was a clamorous one, until I came to an old black dustbin bag I had thrown over the back. I dragged it out, returned to the living room and simply tipped the contents out, allowing literally thousands of letters to spew across the floor.

I told Cindy to select one, which, accordingly she did. She seemed surprised as she read it. Cindy asked me simply if they were all of this calibre? I told her they were.

What I had presented to her was a litany of accounts, most based around ufology, some around ghosts, the supernatural and other weird happenings, but in the main, people's encounters of the first, second and third kind. I asked her what the probability would be of an entire nation going mad, everyone losing the plot together, and us all advancing in to insanity at the same period. She seemed astounded by the sheer volume of correspondence I had received, and for a moment or two, it gave her something to think about. How could so many people all be experiencing the same event, backed-up with such lucid observations.

Cindy had to concede, it was strange. She floated an idea of mass hysteria, television programmes leading to false observations and high media interest. Personally I couldn't concur with that analogy, nor accept that with a pertinacious attitude we couldn't solve the conundrum laid out before us; or perhaps stacked up before us in a large paper pyramid might be a more appropriate term. I advised her to check the postmarks, which she instantly did.

She started to deduce rather quickly the same thought I had; nearly 90% of them had originated from in, or around the south east of England. Nearly all of the letters spoke of sighting's of strange craft, usually of triangular shape, others of abductions, and thousands of sallow, yellow lights appearing in the sky, then simply vanishing with no explanation. She suggested they might be of a military source, some new concepts project.

I explained to her how I thought along those same lines, but after a closer scrutiny I found the dates went right back to the heart of the fifties, besides, these observations were determining traffic that could perform feats of engineering our own technology was not capable of, even in this era, let alone back then. Cindy said lots of science fiction programmes originated during that period, and I had to admit, the amount of sighting's had increased considerably with their inception. I tried to explain it to her from a totally new prospective.

I suggested the number of observations hadn't particularly increased, merely our interpretation of them had. I pointed out that people had associated a whole multitude of different visions of flight, to different entities: Angels, fairies and dragons, all of which might be equated to UFO technology - if we assume the observer had no perception of powered transportation in the mechanical sense. I promoted the idea that witnesses to such strange events may only perceive them as the aforementioned simply because their diction did not allow for anything else.

Maybe it is us that have misconstrued their belief. What I proposed, is, as we experience the passage of time, we see technology move forwards, and thus associate different events with alternative names. If we brought a medieval peasant forwards to this period, with no prior knowledge of our science, how might he interpret, say the space shuttle: As a space shuttle, or a dragon? It's an interesting hypothesis in itself; for if they would recognise modern automation as some fabled beast, then we might just have to redefine the history of observational sighting's.

Cindy's expression was stoical to say the least. She had listened carefully to my idea, and I wasn't sure how she would react at this juncture. Would she continue to help me, disown me, or quickly make excuses to leave? Her response was a generous one. Cindy told me she would continue to examine my subjects, providing I took more time out for myself. She advised, that if I didn't, I was in danger of becoming alienated.

This project had consumed such huge volumes of time I was letting standards slip. Cindy always did have a caring side to her nature, even if she did, more often than not try to hide it. It was only then she asked me when I intended

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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