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Sleep induced state.

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deliberately sought to mislead him in his unconscious, sleep induced state, for more spurious activity."

Cindy said it was not unusual, she had dealt with incidents similar to this in the past, and them cases also resulted in a self denial to protect their innocence and dignity, if nothing else. I didn't believe it. Cindy said that was because I didn't want to believe it. She even suggested, if I was not careful, I might begin to manufacture evidence just to complete my book. I was incensed. That is one thing I would never purvey to the public.

This thesis is probably the most original account of UFOs and ufology ever undertaken. The severity from its inception, to point of completion had taken fifteen years, and our rewrite of special relativity alone took years to complete. I could have just fudged the issue, left it riddled in uncertainty and constructed a set of circumstances ambiguous in themselves; but I didn't.

I had, right from the word go, motivated my work under the premiss, that if I couldn't back it up with credible mathematics, and cosmological prediction, I wouldn't do it at all. And now, to be accused of fabrication, by a friend! I was outraged. Cindy told me to calm myself down, and accept, that ideas might not always be as they seem. I challenged Cindy to account for Paula's experience? Paula, had told both of us, nearly the same story as John's.

Her version of events differed somewhat, but in essence remained strikingly similar. Cindy said our minds often play insincere tricks on us when they wanted to. But what we had to do, was face facts.

Cindy said boarding schools were notorious for indecent acts committed against the child, and concocting stories to explain them away was all part of the abuse. I told her that still didn't explain why Paula had almost identical experiences. Cindy admitted she didn't know the reason, but abductions in one place, by alien entities seemed unlikely. I suggested we might continue, perhaps delve deeper into John's mind to find out if there was any supporting evidence to explain his plight.

Cindy returned to her former position, as did I, the atmosphere slightly more frosty than it was before. She continued by rousing John to a semiconscious state. Cindy told him, after first glimpsing me over her shoulder that she wanted him to explain, in detail what happened to him when he went on board that craft, as he described it. John shook his head.

He said he mustn't tell anyone, because it was a secret. Cindy viewed me again with a told you so look. I still was not convinced. It seemed incredulous to me, that people could cross those trackless voids of space, construct vehicles to get here in, that make us frown at their ingenuity, yet were incapable of deceiving us once here.

It appeared everyone wanted a magic mode of transport created by superior beings, yet thought them simultaneous, too stupid to out­wit us once discovered. I had a strange feeling what we attempted to unlock, was not just a species that invaded our world, but also a set of devious blueprints specifically designed to have us jumping through hoops. But I still wasn't quite certain in my own mind who played these tricks: Was it an Alien race with a hidden agenda, or maybe a consortium of government establishments so obsessed in retaining its secrets, an entire western world had been subjected to brainwashing from the late forties? For me the jury was still out, yet inroads were being found.

With strong evidence to make the event possible, where it was not before, I now had a smoking gun, but not the bastard who pulled the trigger. But we are advancing, and that in itself offered some faint glimmer of satisfaction. Cindy continued to probe John's mind with delicate question.

She had insisted, at his refusal, he should offer us details of the vessel's internal matrix. John told her in a soft voice it is a dark place once you get past the initial set of lights; the walls are totally smooth as if made of plastic, and there's a distant room. "They pull me towards it by my wrist," shouted John, his voice raising.

"I don't want to go with them any more," added John, as his head violently shook from side to side. "I want to go home."

Cindy sedated him further with a few well chosen words that made him instantly relax, in, what looked to me like a comatised state, yet John still remained obedient to Cindy's voice.

"Where are you now, John?" She asked.

"In the big black room," mumbled John. "They want me to get on the table,

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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