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MI5 agent.

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but it's too high, and I can't."

Cindy reached out and touched his hand. She told John to regulate his breath, as his state became slightly fearful. John followed her instructions to the letter, as I surveyed the situation from a distance. There was some quintessential substance to Cindy's words that laid delicate feelings over her subjects, from a professional point of view. It was a side to her I had not noticed in our past, and one I found strangely alluring.

There was indeed something fascinating, yet powerful in the ability to watch one human being control another's thoughts and feelings with such an applied dexterity; and I thought if we can control each other with such limited knowledge, imagine what forces in the universe might lay hands on us, so to speak. I believed as I watched John, their power must be truly awesome, and yet, inquisitive in its nature. Why would they have such a tremendous desire to seek out, then manipulate such an inferior species? Surely, I thought, there must be some­thing more profounod or maybe that was just me over stressing the importance of us in the matrix of it all.

But I still could not understand why any civilisation, so advanced would want to parley with us. Was this the first point of contact, a delicate operation to survey the thoughts, emotions and feelings of our world. Maybe the craft John and alike encountered over the years was no more than a reconnoitre to establish our intent, or rnaybe, by abducting and invading our children's minds, they were building bridges for the future.

The only established thought I could convey at this moment in my investigation, was the more I advanced, the more uncertain I became. Maybe Cindy was right, maybe it was no more than a ring of paedophiles and their evil ways, or maybe some­one was desperately trying to explain, with no avenue of explanation available. But whatever I believed I might eventually discover, my mind at this point appeared lost in its own labyrinth of alternative answers.

John continued his graphic account. He told Cindy, when he could not climb on a table, inside the big black room, the table itself lowered into the floor, until he managed to scramble aboard. He said four of them, little people with big bulging eyes, as he described them, assisted with his climb onto the table, where naked, he was spread-egaled and pegged out. According to John, he lay supine, his eyes examined his own body via a large mirrored ceiling while his arms and legs were spread out in a star formation.

Even on Cindy's couch he wept, just as Paula did; and once again I found myself appalled by the trauma inflicted on these poor people. Cindy might have had doubts, but I'm afraid, if I did, they quickly disintegrated for a more sober understanding. John mentioned, through his trembling lips, which seemed troubled when ejecting his words, that he could identify himself from a prop overhead. Paula described with some sense of incredible realism the same dramatic event.

As I watched, horrified at John's experience, more and more traits suddenly emerged. He held the crown of his head, cowered into a ball - and constantly begged them to stop. John screamed his distaste at those awful events to such a point, my stomach actually weakened. He pleaded with his captors not to hurt him any­more; to stop the pain and release him.

"I'll be a good boy!" Whimpered John, helplessly. But to no avail. Cindy was just as shocked.

With each revelation John made, she identified the same characteristics as I did, and as she espoused them, she'd turn to inspect my face. It remained inanimate, almost statuesque in its reflection, and I wondered openly just how many people were presently left to tolerate this awful neglect by their government. Their elected few had betrayed them previously to such an extent that Whitehall civil-servants representing Britain in a case against a former MI5 agent admitted being 'economical with the truth' and later a Prince of the realm revealed: 'The palace had lied to the press for years'! Two admissions I thought I never, in my life­time would hear from those I placed my faith in, had roused a natural association in us all, which tries desperately to defend, yet finds defence far beyond the boundaries of its own remit.

Perhaps the conspiracy theorists were not as outrageous as first thought, maybe others, like the palace had lied to the media for years also. Daily now, new stories surface: BSE - AIDs,

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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