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African Countries.

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epidemics across small African countries, where most originate from a suspicious, sometimes untraceable nature, but usually with distant western pharmaceutical drugs links to western, military laboratories, and all just as emphatically denied, until the media, in their relentless pursuit for the truth, discredit those whom we thought, initially we could trust.

Faith is an illusive substance once poisoned. I no longer have faith in any establishment anymore. This might stem from some time later, when people began to directly interfere with me. Around this point, my bank account went in to free fall, not that I had that much in it.

One day I opened a letter; and they were suddenly demanding fifty thousand pounds or they start legal proceedings; and anyone who has actually tried to argue with a computer screen will tell you the enormous difficulties you face. It took me two weeks to sort out the error, to be generous, and having accepted that might have been genuine, I received a telephone bill for two and a half thousand pounds! This time it was beyond my generosity.

Whoever sort to prohibit my advance with my work, I guess traced me from my friends. I was now in fighting mood. If there is one thing I detest in a democracy, its those whom claim to defend it, placing it before the gallows. I promised myself their and then, I would now do all I could to expose the secrets they hid, and reveal them to a wider world. John's testimony on Cindy's couch corroborated Paula's story to such an extent, it would have been difficult to identify who told which one.

They were like two peas in a pod, and each, in my opinion, vindicated the other. All I needed now was to include Doris' version of events into the equation, and we would have a full set. Not only would I have rewritten the science at the point, to show it possible for Extraterrestrial life to make the journey here, but we could show there was indeed life around every mature star. We could also perceive life to be indigenous across our universe.

I believed, excitedly, we had discovered the very secret governments had concealed, and all we needed now was an element of tangible evidence to prove it. What had started out so many years since as a mere idea, fermenting in my curious imagination had now come forwards to fruition, to all but that point where I could prove unequivocally what I said to be true. From that initial thought that never even had a seat of gravity, I was now no more than one step away from proving the two most sought after beliefs in humanities portfolio: How God entered our universe from that proverbial nothingness, and the ability for alien life to reach us.

Therefore, the principle of tangibility rested heavily on one thing, being able to vindicate what I said with scientific experiments. There was a couple of different avenues I could take to explore these beliefs later on, after I had finished a full evaluation of John's subconscious state. Cindy brought John back to reality and the sobering prospect his encounter was a real one. He was full of inquisitive questions as he woke, stretched and fully relieved himself of those hypnotic traits. John wanted to know exactly what he said, why he said it, and how I intended to stop them happening again; and if he thought I could achieve all that through one hypnosis session, he was sorely deluding himself. One of the unfortunate things for John, was this exercise in human emotion was about me getting what I wanted, not the other way round.

I couldn't tell John his visitations would stop. That was not in my power. The only people who could assure John of such a final decision was those that abducted him when he least expected it, and I could not for the life of me see that happening. John was only a pawn in their galactic game, and I guessed an expendable one at that. They would decide it stopped when it suited them.

I tried, delicately to explain that to him, and with a sense of frustration he accepted what I told him. I explained how I was powerless against these people; if indeed they are actually people, although using other terminology, such as creatures to describe them seems a touch disingenuous, as they are obviously much more advanced than us.

But what I did promise John, was I would contact Paula, Doris and David, and try to provide a network for them, so they could meet and support one another with group therapy if necessary. I know

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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