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London Clinic: Hypnotherapy.

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it's not much, but when funds are exhausted, your bank account is impoverished and all that is left is an inherent amount of goodwill, what more can one do? I thought the gesture more significant than the action; and as far as I am aware John did later engage in a regular set of meetings with Paula. Apparently they hit it off rather well.

What happened with Doris? We had somewhat of a problem with Doris, or should I say, her over protective husband. I contacted Doris by telephone and asked if she would undergo hypnotherapy with Cindy at her London clinic. Doris herself was more than enthusiastic; you might even say she was excited by the prospect, and I had the feeling Doris liked to be the focus of attention, as our more mature members of society occasionally do.

I therefore arranged a meeting for the three of us early into the next week, and promised to meet her from the train as I had done with the others. But the next day I received a phone call from her irate husband. He accused me of exploitation, and using his wife to further my own career, which, naturally I protested most strongly about; although I did remain polite, understanding he had been through a pretty turbulent time himself. He told me it was out of the question, expecting his wife to travel to London and undergo what he called, brainwashing! I informed him once again, politely, it was not brainwashing, but a well established system of regression to bring the subconscious back into the light.

He seemed unconvinced as he informed me I was mad. But he did concede his wife was tremendously upset by the whole affair. I sought arbitration, and so, suggested we could reach a conciliatory agreement if we thought about it.

As a compromise, I agreed to travel up there to see Doris, even though I had not consulted with Cindy. I thought it should be an experience telling her, and I wasn't wrong. She hit the roof. Doris' husband gave in, albeit reluctantly, and I broached the subject with Cindy next day.

As I say, and to reiterate, she went mental. I explained to her how I had done favours for her in the past, and after laying that guilt trip on Cindy she agreed to my demand. We travelled to Doris' house early next week and arrived, by car, just after eleven in the morning. Doris was apologetic for her husband's behaviour, although I reassured her there was no need to be. As I stated before, and make no apologies for doing so again, I believed his actions entirely honourable and very understanding in the circumstances.

It was just bloody inconvenient, that's all. We entered her house and moved directly through to the living room; her husband grumbled as he passed us, and said he would be outside tending his garden if we needed his assistance. Doris made us tea, and offered us pastries, which once again I accepted with relish.

Cindy spoke frankly with her as we indulged, and checked through the medical documentation Doris had. Cindy said it was strange. Doris' cancer had gone into regression and there was no conclusive reason why this had happened, although Cindy did point out this can happen in 1 in 100 cases. She said the experience was by no means unique, and advised Doris not to stop attending her hospital appointments, regardless of her own personal opinions.

I concurred with that advice. We must have been there a good 45 minutes before Cindy went to work. Doris relaxed on her nice floral settee, folded her arms over her body and instantly relaxed, allowing her mind to vacate any thoughts as she did so. I sat just opposite in an armchair, a note in my hand and prepared to write questions for Cindy to ask.

On the drive up, I instructed Cindy to search that period in Doris' history, when she worked as a land-girl during the war. Cindy took Doris to them dark days of our historic past, where poverty and famine where never far from the population's thoughts, yet faith in the face of adversity determined their future with a defiant attitude.

It was them years of uncertainty Cindy reached out and touched in Doris' mind. Cindy asked how old Doris was when she first worked on the land?

"Fifteen," said Doris, a big smile over her face.

It was almost as if them dark days of the war, were not as bleak for some, as we might assume them today. Cindy asked her where she was sent, and whom she actually worked for? Doris

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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