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said she first went to Suffolk, then from there down into the Kent basin. Doris said she worked for a man known as Giles, a farmer Giles of Merry tree farm. "Nasty man," she said, her-expression changing.

Cindy delicately invaded her private and most personal thoughts, and probed delicately into those hidden recesses of Doris', deep and distant past. I checked my watch for time, and with gesticulate movements tried getting Cindy to move forwards at a more precipitous rate. I could see Doris' husband fretting in the front garden, and knew it would only be a matter of time, before I had to contest with his direct interference. Cindy seemed disturbed at my intrusion.

She insinuated, with her eyes, these type of things take time, and I should try patience. That old aphorism about it being a virtue didn't seem very distant from her lips, although she never used it in the verbal sense, the tacit disapproval appeared more dominant at this juncture in time. I shrank back in my chair, chastised by her look. Doris was really subservient by this point.

Cindy intruded somewhat deeper into her emotions, and lifted the lid on her past. Suddenly, Doris' yesteryear came seeping to the surface, and the yeomanry of them days still played heavily in her subconscious. "Nasty man!" She said again.

Cindy explored deeper as to farmer Giles' actions. She inquired as to Doris' duty at Merry tree farm, and was told by Doris in a quick, verbal onslaught: "Up at dawn, milk the cows, then feed the chickens and slop out the pigs, all before breakfast. Then after breakfast in the fields, and the orchard in summer, back to the sties then milk the cows again. And fight 'im off in the evenin'. Dirty ol' bugger."

Even Cindy managed a wonky smile as Doris revealed her early days of employment for the ministry and war effort. Cindy delved deeper amongst her psyche. She asked Doris what she recalled of a night-time? Doris frowned, as though uncertain of the question.

It seemed as though she was trying to resist it, but having witnessed Cindy in action, I knew that policy a futile one. Cindy had begun abstracting information, and that pursuit would now be a relentless one. Cindy coaxed her with soft words, like a mother might a child. She asked Doris what she remembered of the nights in particular? Doris said, with some clarity, she could remember farmer Giles constantly venturing to her attic bedroom, and forcing himself upon her.

"Disgusting man," she mumbled. Her face twisted in distaste. Doris' husband, who spoke from the doorway made both myself and Cindy jump.

"Now you know why I didn't want your interference," he barked.

I stared at him cold. I did not have a clue why he said them things. I looked startled, surprised even. He suggested I follow him out to the kitchen, where we might find a touch of privacy and talk, man-to-man, just him and me.

At first I thought he might fight me, as his voice most certainly contained enough hostility. But when I arrived, a few paces behind, his attitude had dramatically changed. He stood, a tallish man, well kept for his mature years, with his head hung low, his features pained.

"We don't talk about our time in kent," he said.

I informed him innocently, that I had no knowledge he even knew his wife in kent, all those years back. Doris' husband told me that's where they met. Apparently, he was a teenage soldier, stationed there on duty - and old farmer Giles raped Doris.

"She fell pregnant," he insisted. "I offered to marry her, and bring baby up as my own. But she wouldn't have it. So when child was born, we left alone. But things don't always work out how you imagine."

I admitted, I had no insight into their wider, family secrets, and suggested he might like to retain them. He huffed, as he told me there was no point. "When we left, she abandoned baby with old Giles, more as a punishment than anything. But two or three years later she couldn't resist calling, so we had to keep going back.

She would watch little one from a distance, all time torturing herself. That's why she was hesitant about admitting her connection with kent....!" He confessed.

I asked him, if he believed this accounted for why Doris believed she was abducted? Her husband said there wasn't any other explanation to such wild stories. I explained, I thought him wrong.

I told him directly, she was not the only one involved with these strange circumstances, and how I believed someone had fostered a set of conditions with a studious nature. I informed

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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