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Human Discovery.

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him honestly, his wife's experience was probably unequalled in content for this type of belief, how there was tens of millions of people around the world who didn't think people like his spouse were just making encounters up.

Her abduction was possibly unrivalled in the annuals of human discovery, and I implored him not to stop us now. I suggested we could be on the verge of making the greatest breakthrough in the history of mankind. When he still appeared acerbic by my comment, I tried desperately to convince him how things, sometimes right under our noses lay undisturbed, and our knowledge and acceptance of them can be absent.

The analogy I offered was that of the Dinosaurs; how until the last century there was no evidence of them either, then suddenly they find one, then two, then a whole museum full. I informed him how I believed the ufologist analogy would prove the same, only with living evidence. But I needed first to construct the theory.

I also told him, he should consider himself fortunate that someone was taking his wife seriously, and not just trying to fob her off with excuses. By that time my hands were animate, impassioned and cupped, literally in begging fashion before him. I pleaded with this man, not to restrain us now: Another hour and we would be gone!

"For good?" He asked.

I promised him at that point, if he allowed me to continue with my research, he would never see me again. He made me give him my word, which reluctantly I did, and wish to this day I hadn't. You will see why at the end of this book.

There is a lot I would still like to tell Doris, to hold her frail hands between mine and explain the circumstances that surrounded this adventure, but I guess the text will have to suffice, and that artifice conducted against her by others, from another place would have to remain distant. When I offered my word to him, I did it out of panic. I probably abdicated my responsibility at that point for quick results, and failed in my duty to keep her fully informed; but I was in a quandary with nowhere to turn.

It was at that moment I returned to their living room, apd advised Cindy to continue. She tempted Doris back to a more responsive state by delving deep inside her most intimate thoughts. Doris murmured slightly, asked Cindy how she might assist?, and responded accordingly to Cindy's demands.

Cindy asked Doris what she knew of a craft, a craft that turns up during the night to take her away? Doris wasn't even hesitant, as I expected her to be. As quick as a flash, she began to reveal details. Doris said is was a fairly big craft, about the size of a bus, and totally black. I jotted a note and handed it over. Cindy asked Doris what shape the craft was, and just how much noise it made? Doris retorted quickly. She said it was triangular in design and silent.

That stealth recognition was what puzzled me the most. We said before, that any vessel in close proximity to a witness should, theoretically be making an horrendous noise, but according to these individuals, it made little, or no noise at all. That in itself appeared exceptionally strange. Not only did I have four people whom claimed to have seen an extraterrestrial type vehicle, I now had them on record, although anonymously, telling how each of them had been abducted.

I had seen the craft myself when out with Jack Spiller, and witnessed first hand the agility of its engineering: But what I saw could always be argued to be military, even though I personally would dismiss that belief, as each craft managed to produce characteristics not usually associated with military type production vessels. It may have been some kind of concept craft, but normally these craft are known about, especially if you work in this field, as I do. I was convinced this was some form of technology we had no original insight to, but that was now changing, and changing fast.

I listened further as Cindy delved deeper. Doris was very chatty under hypnosis, unlike John and Paula who needed more coaxing. Doris seemed only too willing to supply information; or at least she did until we, or should I say Cindy, asked whether or not they interfered with her? Doris shrank back on the sofa, as if her body reeling away from another period.

I didn't need Doris to explain it in words, her un-prompted actions said more: Doris was a victim of someone else's intrusive behaviour.

"Don't touch

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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