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Alien Body.

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eyes!" She insisted.

Doris waved her hands frantically before her face as she mentioned it, as though to obstruct whatever alien body attempted to pierce her eye. I frowned. A thought embedded itself in my mind, and I now tilled a question: Why were these people having their head and eyes constantly examined.

I thought some more, and came-up with a rather strange, some might even say surreal answer. Having watched sci-fi movies in the past, I started to associate implantation and tracking devices with my subjects. It seemed fairly way out, that anyone would attempt such advanced engineering on a subject, but nonetheless, I had no other answer. Once we finished with Doris, I made a call to John on the way home.

I asked him, as he was already a doctor, if he might use his influence to undertake an experiment for me, an experiment I know I had no option of achieving myself. I asked John to refer himself to hospital, and undergo a brain scan. He initially appeared alarmed, thinking I had discovered some nasty disease in all of them. I calmed him quickly, explaining my hypothesis; there was a moment's pause, where upon he agreed. I told him exactly what I was looking for, some kind of metallic object placed either in the brain itself, or behind the eye.

It was a long shot, but the only one I had. John actually took the scan three days later. It drew a blank. He rang me and explained there was nothing there out of the ordinary. I was most disappointed as I hung-up.

That great idea of mine vanished in one quick scientific piece of reasoning, and once again I was back to square one in my ability to prove what I say. The three days I spent waiting for John to call, were not entirely wasted. I spoke with a friend at Cambridge and asked a large favour: I wanted use of his laboratory, and access to the cosmology department's pen traces for stable stars. He told me I was mad, if I thought he would risk his job for my belief.

I reminded him, how for several months I had leant him my flat, to entertain his girlfriend while his wife was busily bringing up their kids! He accepted I had a point, and asked directly what the bloody hell I wanted? Two things! I told him: The use of a large diamond, and those pen traces we just mentioned so frivolously. My friend was trying to convince me there was no diamonds within the university, but as I studied there for a time, I knew otherwise. That was the official line trotted out to deter thieves.

I knew unequivocally diamonds were kept for experimentation and I wanted access to them. As an ordinary individual, gaining access to that type of high profile substance can only be achieved with good reason, or influential friends. My friend is extremely influential at the university, and despite his protestation he finally gave in. I travelled next day to Cambridge, and was quickly ushered in, under the pretext I never mentioned his name.

He was like a novice teenager out scrumping for the first time, frightened he might get caught. All the way to the lab' he kept reminding me his job was on the line, so make sure I don't get caught, and for Christ sakes don't mention it. The experiment took me about three hours to set up, and conduct. What I did was try passing an electrical current through a piece of solid carbon. The result was astounding, Just as I had predicted, the energy would not travel, and I at last had discovered the nothingness.

For the first time ever, I had tangible evidence to show our theory accurate: No ifs or buts this time, just solid evidence forensically evaluated under laboratory conditions. My only problem now, was I had the results, but could not take the diamond with me. Even with my cheek, I would have been pushing my luck to the very limits of its good fortune.

The pen traces I had more difficulty with. It is a very painstakingly slow, and laborious job trawling your way through the amount of available data, and as we were disturbed also, I had to conceal my intention's rather quickly. I think I found the slight glitch I wanted to confirm my theory, but can't be absolutely certain. For me the game was up, and I had to leave before my mission was fully uncovered.

On the way out, walking along those hallowed halls, my friend reminded me how they would "rip" me to pieces if they ever found out my true identity. I smiled at his naivety, and told him, that he knew as well as I did, you can only hide the truth for so long, before someone goes public, just as I intended on doing. It was

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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