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Stephen Hawking: time travel.

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at that precise moment I watched Stephen Hawking roll out of the distance in his electric wheelchair, the obligatory entourage following on. They passed us both by, almost without a second glance, and it wouldn't be until three days after that event, I would realise, one of Hawking's most treasured postulates would be taken apart by myself to show one of the most incredible revelations humanity has ever witnessed.

Which one will you destroy? Basically one of Stephen's theories on time-travel. I had just gone to bed, around the 1am mark, when suddenly there is this almighty hammering on my front door. It sounded reminiscent of machine gun fire the way it pounded. I leapt up, moved quickly to investigate the urgency and found David, in a ball on my front door step.

He looked petrified as he burst past me, made a dash for my living room, and curled himself frightened in a ball down the far end of my couch. After I locked the door, I investigated. He just sat there huddled, mumbling for me to protect him. I was in confusion, I have never seen a grown man so fearful in all my life.

I fetched David a Brandy, a large one, and told him to calm himself, which was no easy task. He sat there, a large Brandy glass in his hands, simply shaking. I told David, explicitly to tell me what the hell was happening? He said, after first catching his breath, he went to bed early, or early for him anyway: "Just after ten-thirty!" said David, nearly chocking as he said it.

"I was just falling asleep when I heard a noise, then felt this hand around my ankle. They were trying to drag me from my bed," he confessed, and as he did, his eyes filled with tears, making them look glassy. I was confused.

I inquired whom tried to drag him from his bed? David yelled at me: "The Aliens!" I thought David was a bit of a head case, to put it mildly, but as he continued, and due to his traumatised condition, I listened intently to his story; not that initially I had any intention of believing him. It appeared wild even for my active imagination. He told me there was two of them in his bed­room, both small in stature, both with large eyes, and both attired in grey coloured suits. David insisted the room was dark, with just outside moonlight penetrating, which made them appear more sinister.

"I leapt out of bed at that point," admitted David, and took another long swallow of his drink.

I told him, rather abruptly, as I recall, he probably dreamt it. I explained how sometimes, when you are between consciousness and that subconscious dream state, the mind often imagines it sees things its doesn't. I told him to relax, take a few deep breaths, and he could use my couch for the night. David accepted his Brandy, knocked it back in one, and said I did not understand the seriousness of their visit.

He told me bluntly: "It's not me they've come for, it's you!" I shrank back at that moment. If I was confused before, I was in denial now.

I exclaimed, that if they wanted me, why not arrive in my bedroom instead of his? David said, apparently there is no record of my address in future, and so they worked through him, to meet me. Yeah, I was confused too! He stood, and moved over to my small drink supply and helped himself, explaining as he did so. David posed a question for me. He asked me what my theoretical evaluation was all based on; the one fundamental principle? I kept it simple, just telling him the whole prospect of it was to sequestrate time from the universe to make all events possible.

He looked me directly in the eyes, with a silly grin, and said: "That's how they get here. They're not from another world, they're from our future, and you brought them here."

I felt sickened at the prospect. For the first time, I suddenly realised what the potential of my theory was. It wasn't just about creating a time non-time universe, it was also about showing how everywhere in the universe could always be today: No yesterday, no today, no tomorrow, but an ideology of particle decay through electro­magnetic fields. I couldn't believe my ears.

David continued to speak, but I had long stopped listening. My mind was paralysed with incredulity and what I had achieved appeared almost sacrilege: My work had constructed their vessel and now they wished to parley with its creator. I thought I might throw-up at that point. I, through my own selfish traits had opened Pandora's box. I had lifted the lid on the future, and brought it recoiling back on the present, and without pretence or vanity it now waited expectantly for my contribution, to either congratulate, or mock me.

It took four very large brandys for David to lose his fear, and when he did, he even became a touch boisterous. By this point, I was no longer really interested in what he had to tell me, my mind was on autopilot and I was running theory after theory through my psyche, trying to deduce the enormity of it all. I was like a man in shock.

I couldn't believe I would have been so stupid not to realise the repercussions of my ideas: Had I sat and thought them through more carefully, I might not have been facing the very destiny of mankind, and his foolish dreams. But the Genie was well and truly out of the bottle, and nothing I, or anybody else could do would alter that fact.

It took me almost an hour to get David to go to sleep on my sofa, and when he finally did, I moved to my small study to investigate the magnitude of what he told me with some sobering realism.

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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