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Events before a Big Bang singularity can be of no significance.

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Events before the Big Bang recreated in the laboratory
Events before the Big Bang recreated in the laboratory

Although we have chosen to call this chapter time Travel, let us be under no illusions, in essence we are going nowhere, simply because there is nowhere to go: But as it has become a fad to use this simplistic term to describe a very complex set of universal, and philosophical theory, we will endorse the term.

Some time ago now I heard one of the most brilliant pieces of pure theory I have ever heard in my life: It was simplistic, yet obvious, beautiful, yet finite; or at least that is how it first appeared to myself and others working in this field. The theory came from Stephen Hawking, and was based entirely on an observation of time Travel.

Stephen said in one flash of genius: "Time travel is not possible, for if it was they would already be here telling us about it."

For myself and others, the beauty of his theory became palpable the moment we heard it. At that point, I thought it the kind of work which should be placed in a box, the lid sealed and a pretty ribbon tied on top, and not opened again as it seemed so perfect.

Or at least not touched until another postulate could at least match it. Little did I realise it would be me who sought to break the taboo and Stephen's remarkable comment.

But that night in my humble home, as David slept, that is exactly what I set out to do. I was about to use Planck's time and show the possible indivisibility of universal time itself, with some almost heretic endeavour and make it indicative of what I believe.

In my small room, I sat motionless, my face haunted by the prospect of my work, and the blood appearing to be gone, so my complexion looked almost ghost white. As I stared ahead from the comfort of my office chair, at the freshly cleaned white boards, I wondered what final act of revelation might manifest on this lonely night.

All around, as I set about my task, deathly silence lay in some sombre recognition of what was about to take place. It was almost as though time itself, lay in state.

And although I accepted the invidious nature that might rise insurrection like from what I was about to do, I had no other choice. As I progressed, there seemed an intuitive response.

Slowly my white board began to fill with complex thoughts, thoughts taken from my initial work. The one crucial factor I had missed, as I progressed through the complexity of universal theorem, was the importance my initial ideas had, on the latter.

I reached for the bookshelf and found Stephen Hawking's: "A brief history of time", and read part of what he had written. I was operating from memory, and needed to clarify one rebellious quote he made.

Stephen said: "Events before a Big Bang singularity can be of no significance, and therefore we should say time had a start point, known as a Big Bang singularity." It was only then I understood the folly of mankind's arrogance.

I realised the significance of our postulate on the nothingness. We had not chosen a jump off point, we had composed time. We sought to condense the universe to one exclusive point and allow it the luxury to unravel itself. Can you explain it simply for me? Of course.

What we did was postulate a theory to help our friends of a religious persuasion. In their bible it promotes a theory that God arrived in our known universe from a Nothingness: An illusive term as yet not fully understood. We decided it was unfair to them to sequestrate God from a universal blueprint, and so spent years hunting down this unidentified substance, which might explain its ability to apply to everything, and nothing simultaneous.

With a meticulous application, and thorough investigation we discovered this Nothingness to be (A diamond vttrescent neutation). This we said is no more than a plain ordinary diamond here on Earth. At first it seemed obtuse to even suggest we could manufacture a universe from such an obvious substance; but then we investigated more forensically.

We discovered everything in our known universe is made-up of carbon, as is diamond. We determined, even under laboratory conditions, with an experiment diamond contains zero

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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