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Universal Law.

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electron value. That means you cannot pass an electrical current through it, and if that is the case, under universal law, as we understand it, this substance (diamond) cannot apply to-those elementary laws of physics: That area of science that deals with: (mechanics, dynamics, light, heat, sound, electricity, and magnetism of natural events). With these fundamental laws removed, our universe has no alternative, other than to be described at that point, as non­existent; and although science might chose to contest this belief, unfortunately for them, we can prove conclusively with scientific experiments to show what we say, to be accurate.

We provided the Nothingness for our religious friends, and proved, unequivocally that God may enter our universe as predicted under biblical text. But simultaneous, we showed how a universe comes into being, not with an almighty bang, but by a fusion - infusion principle.

We argued, that far beyond the boundaries of our universe, another universe would have instigated a sequence of events to establish something a Big Bang singularity could never achieve: Cause and effect! This indicated to us, as one universe enveloped itself in heat fusion, it would expand, that creates pressure in another region. This pressure leads to a fracture of the diamond compound, but as the first universe starts to cool, we see a subdivision of our universe.

That is basically (cause and effect): One universe has the ability to bring another in to production, simply by expanding and contracting. This initial sequence would be called: A fusion infusion process.

We might like to explain that term, by saying it means, to liquify by heat energy, and syphon from it mass, and so rather than a big bang singularity, we have initiated a perfect silent-scream: A universe so immeasurably hot, its entire matrix would have turned to microwave background material. But paradoxically, if energy races away, mass must centralise under Newtonian law.

All universal mass must move to the densest possible point. This is absolutely crucial in our postulate on time travel, for even though Stephen Hawking produced a unique piece of work, we contest his analogy, by asking of his assessment of time: "How can you possibly have time, unless of course you first compose it?" Fortunately for us, that is exactly what we managed to achieve, before we moved deeper into universal traits to sequestrate it.

To show an easy recognition of how this works, we suggested as energy raced away, mass moved conclusively in the opposite direction. We showed what we might term (a central Neutron bank), where this process becomes absolutely central to our universe, and thus must control all universal gravity from this place. Yet more alarmingly for us, we can deduce a theory that stipulates, if you can compose time, you can also show its decomposure movement.

If you wished to see how this works yourself, take a length of string, place a heavy object at its base, then spin it. What you will see is a body that converts its motion into stored energy. Once its motion ceases, that retained energy in the string itself will turn your object, equally in the opposite direction for the same duration as it originally took to compose.

However, if our universe was born from this postulate, then we should have already worked out, that if it moved one direction to compose itself, and now returns to its former self, it must logically trace its way back through all of its former steps. This should enable us to understand, that our future is already in place, as is our past, otherwise we might be justified in asking how anyone could arrive from the future, or look fortuitously in to it, if our future has not already happened? This poses an interesting prospect in itself: For if our universe did condense from what we might term, a nothingness singularity, then did everything in our known universe initially run backwards? We could view two schools of thought on this enigma: One, if it did originally run back­wards to compose itself, it would make absolutely no difference at all, for any observer experiencing such events would find it as natural, as you living your life today. In fact, they would probably find the thought of moving forwards from birth to old age, as perverse as you would find moving from old age to birth.

It really is an interesting prospect, people being born from the grave and eventually dying in the womb! But not quite as interesting as the pair of us

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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