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The universe is decaying.

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cross referencing any histories at some given juncture in our future, as David had suggested his visitors wanted. You see the reason is this, and perhaps this is why it became more dismissive of the theory the more I delved inside it on that quiet, still night.

If we were to meet those from our future, the meeting would have to take place in a period where their history is composing itself, and ours is decomposing; anything else simply would not work under that context so, if they are in the composure stage, and we are in the decomposure stage, we meet at a point where the origin of their species is born from the grave, gets progressively younger and perishes in the womb, and we are born from the womb, get older and die, so to speak, in the grave. Weird!

That is why I am slightly hostile to the concept of that analogy. But there is a second school of thought on this principle I worked out, and that is we simply stand logic on its head, quite literally. In other words we tip our universe upside down, and spin it alternatively in the opposite direction.

This should, theoretically mean everyone is born of the womb, dies in the grave, yet envelopes one possible difference: Everything is the wrong way around, like a mirror. So right handed people become left handed people, and vice-versa. This would still permit us a licence to view our future, and them their past, and enable both of us to meet up somewhere in between.

To understand this more vividly might take some doing, as it involves the Mossbauer effect which describes the condition gamma rays are emitted from atomic nuclei when the nuclei don't recoil. But this is an extremely complex theory, and too difficult to delve in to here, so we would probably be better advised to continue with the simpler, more obvious explanation we can all ascertain. If we said everything in the universe is decaying, from us to the stars, from stars to galaxies, then we might determine, any object is only relevant to an observer at its right acceleration.

This would mean acceleration and weight become relative to time and motion, but time itself would not be relative at all. If this is the case, it would show the only reason we do not see our future, is because our universe is not moving at the correct velocity to make it apparent to us. We might comprehend this belief more readily, if we imagine a ghost.

We could view that scary entity and think it someone from the past came back to haunt us: We should be so fortunate anyone would wish to take such an interest in us. But if we slightly alter our view of things, we could analyse it more closely, and assume, whenever we hear of a haunting, it always is someone whom actually inhabited that dimension many years since.

In other words our spiritual friends are not moving about to different locations: Why? We could assume, if our thinking correct on the strange behaviour of time, then a gravity wave might have passed across this location, and thus, made the entity visually obvious to our eye sight. What would happen is, as the particle physics decays, it would vanish from sight, yet with a stronger, residual level of gravity, the particle mass becomes more solid and thus permits our recognition of any entity there. To understand the hypothesis which accompanies this theory, we must assume we decay all of the time. With each movement we make, we leave an individual impression in time itself: A universal fingerprint if you like.

So, as you sit comfortably reading this work, you could leave an impression, that maybe in a thousand years time, another individual might see, providing a wave of gravity crossed that point, and increased the volume of mass of those particles decaying there.

For our future then, we might provide the very foundations of living, archeology. But isn't that unethical? What is more unethical, disturbing the bodies of long deceased ancestors, who lay undisturbed for millennia, or visiting those in a dimension whom are still alive at the point you arrive? We could even argue the fact that at least those whom might return to see us, still have the courtesy not to disturb our final resting place, something archeologists show no signs of doing today.

All it would take, is a strong enough electromagnetic field to re-quantify the atomic matrix of any individual particle. We could re-enact crimes, and show

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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