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Composure of the universe.

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fabric of our beliefs, and theories and formulate a cohesive explanation to justify the ideas we place forth to a wider audience. We said time would be composed, and in this composure every piece of our universe would have already moved one way.

That path it took was a universal blueprint, and so, must now logically be moving back through this blueprint, step-by-step, just like a man tracing his footprints in the snow, or excited children on a paper-chase: Destiny has already been decided by gravitational influence and nothing in the universe will either prevent or prohibit this from retracing its route.

We can deduce at that stage, if the scene is already set, then only the acceleration and weight can make any individual part of the universe visible to us at any given time. If we then interfere, and bring an event back to life to witness its substance, we must assume it preset: Just like that video tape we mentioned earlier on.

If we see our universe in the same candid way, we can assume it will make no difference whatsoever if you go backwards, forwards or stay where you are; the piece of tape will always play the same event, to the individual observer. This should therefore lead us to believe, that if a universe is already predetermined no one can interfere, perhaps not even God himself, unless of course he interfered directly during its composure.

To show how this might occur, we can use a thought experiment and produce a visual recognition of events in the sanctity of our own minds. Imagine a large jigsaw puzzle with a picture of a bowl of fruit.

Within the fruit is an apple. We take away that piece of puzzle containing the apple. What do we think would happen, the jigsaw would remain with a gaping hole, or it would fill with a blank space? If we pursued the experiment here on earth, we must assume just a large space would remain, where the apple once was.

Some might say it's obvious! Now let us take the same analogy, but this time our jigsaw spins at a million miles per hour, and you, spin at two million miles per hour. What we have is two very different volumes of mass, each individually located in their own universal history. If you now tried to steal the same piece of jigsaw puzzle, do you still have a large gaping hole left? The answer might seem perverse, but in fact you wouldn't, because as you removed that piece of jigsaw, something rather strange would happen; you would see it literally melt from between your fingers and reappear back in the hole you extracted it from.

The reason this happens, is simply because all particles, be they large or small must have their own definitive place in universal history, and just as we would not be allowed to enter someone else's, they would not be allowed to enter ours. This inevitably would mean you could never change history, alter the past or reshape the future: What you see would be what you get. And so, although initially it might appear unethical to the untrained observer, the pious few whom wish to prohibit the advance of our species, the real argument is any visitor will never be more than an observer anyway: They could never take souvenirs back with them, or change the march of time, indeed, the only thing they could ever do, is accept the future the way the universe intended.

But what about the future? This might become slightly more contentious, for although we could never alter the past, we might think we could determine our destiny from a sneak preview of what is to come; but let's not be under any illusions about this, anyone who chooses to look forwards, and witness their destiny will naturally have to accept the orchestration of events has already been decided for them.

If we imagine for one moment, we constructed a vessel, reinvented the natural wave mechanics that permeate our world, and accelerate the particle decay so our future becomes apparent, we might assume some false ideology that allows us an element of structuring.

We might consider ourselves in a position to play God, and either advance, or obstruct events before their natural appropriation. Yet any observer that has moved swiftly to another dimensions should be painfully aware, they are only in that location because the event has already happened once, therefore, with its destination already preset, they could do nothing, other than watch. But as this history would be our logical future, which

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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