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A universe based on motion and weight.

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has already been shaped in the annuls of time, an acceptance must be endorsed. If we arrived at this point, say ten years ahead of our date today, and witnessed irradiated wastelands, the destruction of every living thing, we might conclude something drastic took place in that ten year period from our own time to this point in our future.

We might then trawl our way back through that ten year period and come across a point, say five years from when we set off, that shows a massive nuclear exchange. We could visualise them huge mushroom clouds, radiation sickness, the slow, yet unstoppable poisoning of our landscape and the death of our rivers and seas.

All around people would be falling sick, and their deaths immediate under an indefatigable process. At that horrendous vision, we might quickly accelerate ourselves back five years to our original point in history, and inform the relevant authorities of our discovery; and providing our time travel craft had been scientifically scrutinised, and established by a wider world, them powers that be might take our apocalyptic vision seriously.

We could shout from the roof tops: "We've seen the future, in five years time you'll all perish in the bonfires of nuclear insanity!" The natural assumption at that point would be, do something, any­thing to prohibit this maniac endeavour - and protect us all.

What would governments around the world do, having first of course accepted your evaluation to be honest and genuine. Most people would persuade government to act quickly. The church, the public, pressure groups and wider demon­strations would insist, forcefully if necessary, we dismantle our nuclear stockpiles.

Outside pressure from the world's media would be so intense, no other option will remain available. Instantly global military warheads would be rushed to the breakers yard, and the process quickly begun, perhaps with some indecent haste. A lot of people might say that a good idea, a world free from nuclear weapons, and the event our time travellers witnessed, halted before it started.

However, we should remember, the engine that drives this theory is not quite that simply. As we insisted our universal theorem was vastly, and exclusively more complex than that, a simple analogy of driving all our nuclear warheads to the scrap yard would not be a viable option; for if we did, it would no doubt be this sequence of events that actually accelerate the impending doom about to be bestowed upon us. We decided all universal time was composed, every step carefully governed and every atomic particle Grafted with such a dexterous nature, the precision might be alarming in itself.

Yet with this composure of time, came the decay of time. Each particle that made a movement one way, will eventually make the exact same movement in the opposite direction: It will indeed return whence it came; and it most certainly will not be for us, or any other alien species to try and alter its constitution.

It might seem a fairly dramatic set of circumstances, that allows a universe a memory, to retrace its route back to its former and original matrix, but it's not. In fact, it is the most basic set of circumstances ever imaginable, a universe based on motion and weight, where time to it is not important at all.

For in the complex, yet magnificent pantheon of its existence, it knows nothing, except the futility of it all. The future for mankind lays precariously out there. It is not in mankind's gift to determine how it will progress, grow, shape itself or unwind.

But it is in mankind's gift to protect his own sanity. If we seek to investigate our future, which one day I believe we will, then beware, whatever you see, will happen. There will be no mediation, no arbitration or conciliatory recognition of what we desire.

We are an insignificant little species, inhabiting an insignificant little rock in the extensive voids of space. We will not even be allowed to make a conscious decision, for they will have already been made for us, and anyone whom believes they can out fox the inevitable is deluding themselves. To return and investigate your history is fine, for you already know the outcome, and can logically not frighten yourself; but to envelop a strong curiosity to see your future, will be the true vision of Pandora's box.

At the moment we do not possess such technology, but rather ironically the production of our first Spacecraft should bring it precipitously forwards, and

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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