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Scientific Investigation.

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allow us to explore our future if we so choose. We showed how Stephen Hawking's theories of time travel could be relegated to a more reflective position; that of the bin. And although Stephen's postulate on the theory is exceptional, from an initial prospective, it is not vindicated in universal cosmology, and investigation conducted from alternative view points.

David had promised me an encounter. He was their proxy, and sleeping silently on my sofa was the key to my own desire, a vindication of everything I believe in. Did you ever actually meet them? I know how ridiculous it all sounds, but judge the content of the book as a whole, and understand what I say now is not just some quickly thought out story.

It is in essence a set of criteria Grafted with painstaking precision; the theories we present are not based around uncertain ideas just dreamt up, they are governed around a principle of scientific investigation and postulate definition. We have slapped science in the face with a gauntlet of challenge.

We said, anything science still does not believe, they should measure, and not make lateral excuses to try to either dilute or cynically manipulate the technology that comes from it. The public has a right to know the truth, that is a foundation all democracy is built on; but as to whether or not they get it is for others to decide.

Yet with our extensive, exhausting research, after fifteen years of investigation, our journey came to a dramatic climax. I breakfasted with David next morning, and explained to him what I wanted. I expected him to remain indoors each evening now, sober and prepared to push forwards our investigation to its natural conclusion.

David was to be my errand boy, and a fairly reluctant one, I might add. I had to use all my powers of persuasion on him, and convince him these visitors from our future meant him no harm. He finally agreed after hours of argument.

It was only when I told him, if he didn't they would keep coming back until he did. I explained to David how he must advance our understanding of forthcoming events, and if he participated this once, they would probably never bother him again. But warned him, very strongly that if he failed, they would return time and time again, until his mission was complete.

Basically, what I argued with David was, he might as well get it over and done with, for his own peace of mind if nothing else. He left my flat armed with a map, a location carefully pinpointed on it, and a message that I would attend this site once only, and alone. The thought of that was enough to make a grown man tremble in his boots; it was then I discovered the very same anxiety David had.

He wasn't a coward, and nor was I, but indifference can sometimes make a man apprehensive. I was indifferent to the whole event, and felt sick each time I thought about it. Once David left, I made myself a cup of tea, and instantly set about compiling a list of questions I wished answered: A wish list if you like.

David had a map of our local area, showing a precise location near to where I lived. The place I had chosen was a large piece of open common land in Staines, hidden slightly from the motor­ways, yet close enough for any other observer to believe strange lights might be oncoming traffic. It was set for February '97, 2am. David telephoned me about a week after he left my flat, and informed me of his "friends" as he now called them.

He told me they turned up in his bedroom, as a strange ball of sallow, yellow light. According to David, he watched it appear on the distant horizon from his bedroom window, rush forwards and penetrate the wall, as though not there. How much spin he placed on his version of events is anyone's guess, but in fairness, David always came across as a genuine fellow, although timid.

He explained how my documentation had been scrutinised but not removed from his dresser table, and immediately afterwards, the globular balls of light which visited him, disappeared. I thanked him cordially for his participation and now waited that fateful day; nearly two weeks time.

I must have drove to the site each day, checking, then double checking the location. I would stay there, just sitting on an old slatted wooden fence, a large expanse of open field before me, the motorway stretching to God knows where in the distance, and a few cows gently mowing the grass around large, indiscreet

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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