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Our Past.

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slowly began to settle, after first releasing three huge feet. They protruded from the underside, with a loud hiss, and compressed as the vehicle finally rested on the ground. I swallowed hard, finding it difficult to savour, what should have been a special moment. Before me lay a solid object of perfect triangle formation, no identification to suggest what part of Earth it might have originated from, and no other markings were obvious.

There was no flags, writing or markings to offer any clue other, than its advanced technology. I stood rooted to the spot for approximately five minutes, although I never confirmed that by checking my watch, when suddenly a loud burst of air broke the stillness, and white light illuminated in a square box formation, on a diagonal section just below a central line. The white light quickly changed to blood red, and a doorway expanded.

I could witness at this point, two people, their body shape silhouetted by red light. They stood patiently waiting my advance. I moved slowly forwards, regulating my breath as I closed. A ladder of thick black steel descended down, and both people stepped aside to allow me entry; and after a brief, cautious hesitation, I placed my right foot on the first rung, ducked slightly, then entered a warm inner sanctum. Ahead of me stood two more people, both about five-ten, and both of male extraction.

The two now behind me were female, and their features were not that different from our own, except their foreheads might have been a little larger. From what I could see inside, there was nothing obvious to identify its origin either, the walls were almost plastic in their texture, and before me lay a long, non­descript corridor. "If you would care to follow me," said a middle aged man, his voice courteous and polite. He ushered me forwards with an open hand. I ventured down a small, tight corridor, rounded at the end, and entered a black room. Ahead of me was what I guess was the control panel, although it was no more than a mass of small coloured lights, running different sequences among itself. At this point I still had not spoken.

I was too busy scrutinising the vehicle to say anything intelligible. I crossed an opened, iron grilled floor and was ..invited to take one of four fixed seats. The guy sat opposite me and smiled. He appeared almost as intrigued by this set of strange events as I did. For a moment there was a pause, before he frowned, crossed his legs and spoke.

"You do know I can't tell you anything," he said.

I thought I won't get my list of questions out then. He apologised, and assumed I would understand. In fact I did. I knew what it would be like to look into the future. But that never stopped my insatiable desire to know its secrets.

However, I did ask, if that was the case, why invite me? He replied in perfect english: "Whereas we might not be able to look forwards, it could do no harm in looking back." Just as I suspected when reaching my conclusions earlier on. We can investigate our past, but not anticipate our future. It was an interesting proposition.

He seemed almost embarrassed, as he prepared another question. I used that moment to ask his name. He again answered apologetic, informing me there was nothing he was allowed to tell me; not even his name. I conceded the point, not that I really had much choice. He viewed me silently, then began his interrogation.

"How did you feel, Mr. Crowley in rewriting special relativity?"

"I didn't feel anything," I exclaimed. "I never have been an excitable person," I added, much to his amusement. My retort seemed to bewilder him, for he asked, hesitantly, the smile still fettering his lips: "How anyone could breach such a profound piece of physics, and not be elated...?"

Once again, I informed him, I'm not that excitable. It was my turn to feel embarrassed. I knew many academics would trade their soul for my achievements, yet to me, they meant little, or nothing. Perhaps it was difficult for any individual to understand, but I felt relieved, not joyous or excited.

King Arthur searched in vein for his grail, and never found it. I discovered mine and expected, God knows what. But what I found was peace of mind. That over­riding insanity which had eaten away for the last 15-20 years had evaporated. I had discovered solace at last, and from it I became, in my opinion, a better man. I had never sought riches, fame or fortune. All I ever sought was the

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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