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Universal Theory.

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"Feltham." I offered.

"Over looking Heathrow airport?"


"Never see the sallow lights pepper the sky? On the horizon!"

"Quite often," I replied cautiously.

"Like anything in life, Mr. Crowley, things happen and restrictions apply. Heathrow airport expands out, swallows the whole of Feltham and aviation restrictions mean we can't operate in that region. Even now we're on the boundary of our exploration...."

It seemed a reasonable explanation. I suppose, even in the future air traffic will continue, and there will be embarkation points.

Obviously these will, for safety reasons have airspace restrictions upon them. But why David? I asked him that. He responded cautiously, saying it wasn't just David, but many individuals, David was merely the recipient that took the bait. A kind of scatter gun approach.

"You don't believe me?" He inquired from my confused look.

I explained, it wasn't I didn't particularly believe him, it was more me formulating the evidence in my mind. I can't help myself. If anyone offers an answer I have to be certain the universal theory is applicable to the model as laid out by the laws of physics. The airport seemed feasible as an excuse, but a scatter gun approach, in the vague hope I might correspond with an individual appeared somewhat weak.

I believed other reasons might drive his answers, reasons I'm not supposed to have access to. It seemed too simplistic. David was, in my opinion, a pawn, not very intelligent, and susceptible to their will.

"If lights could visit David," I asked, "they could have visited me: Airport or not. They're massless," I added: "They wouldn't interfere with air traffic..."

He stuttered, fell over his answer before it was even delivered, and placated by telling me I was astute. I like compliments even less than I like praise. I reminded him, I didn't seek adulation for solving problems quickly, or slowly, so why not just offer a satisfactory answer. I told him it would be the decent thing to do, under the circumstances.

Before he could answer, a gush of sealed air exploded. It was from the door of their craft. A hum reverberated against the backdrop of hollow, chambered conditions and voices quickly became apparent. He made his apologies, lifted and ventured towards a distant position, away from me. I cocked my head nosily, and listened to a rather obtuse conversation taking place. This is what I heard. The crew members voices lowered, so their distinction was difficult. I heard the chap interviewing me start to make an excuse.

"What for christsake!" Exclaimed a crew member. There was a further distant voice that echoed from outside the vessel.

"Having problems...?" It called, almost anxious.

One of the crew members, abrasively barked: "Tell him the truth, no one's going to believe him anyway..."

At this point my forehead furrowed as I desperately tried to determine the severity of the trouble. Surely it couldn't have been a member of the public; could it?

"We're from the future, and have got difficulties," yelled a female voice.

"You need any help...?" Came the more distant reply.

"No, you're ok," was the quick response.

There was more chatter at this point. Talk I really couldn't decipher. I tried, but those in conversation were out of earshot most of the time. It must have been a good five minutes before my host returned, still apologising, and now seeming rushed.

"Some fool who thinks we're a military project having difficulties," he explained. "Where were we?" He inquired.

"You we're going to explain about, David..." I prompted.

"You're right about the lights being massless. But, it doesn't work how you might think..."

In the five minutes he was away, I placed my thinking cap on. I thought of a reason, but out of fairness let him explain. He offered an answer similar to the

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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