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one I had just thought of. He told me, albeit reluctantly that those lights I had seen had visited me, many times since I was a child. But, the principle they use is strikingly similar to hypnosis. And apparently I wasn't a suitable candidate.

David was. But I had the feeling there was more to it than that. We can always tell when someone lies. It's not just the construction of their story, the way it's fabricated; but body language. This guy, possibly only in his thirties, became uncomfortable.

I fixated on him hypnotically and offered a very pious stare. I had the feeling David had more to offer, but his low intellect might have made him a likely target, although I doubt it. David told me that vessel first came from the lake bed. I'd guess, in the future, that's where their base is. The pits are probably filled in and government constructs something very secret, even if they do claim a journalistic heritage.

Spies work with a journalistic cover story today, no doubt they will tomorrow. My guess is they do use a form of mind alteration to make subjects susceptible. But I believe the initial contact is probably accidental. I don't think they seek them out. The problem with his hypothesis is, if they sought individuals out they would mould and shape the future by interfering with the past, and my own laws of physics prohibit that.

I would imagine David was fishing as he said. This huge chunk of hardware popped up and they both got more than they bargained for. David nearly brought the craft down: Although I would point out, neither the craft or crew would have died or remained. It would simply dissipate, and return to its point of origin, under the decay principle.

Yet it was an opportunity to exploit, so they did. David became a player at that precise moment. Fate then took over. I placed an add, David responded. It could have been anyone, even you. The only difference is your name would appear here instead of David's.

There's nothing mystical about it. But there was one point I still wanted clarified, that of ufos. "Can they get here?" I asked. I didn't expect answers by this time, and wasn't disappointed. He just shrugged his shoulders with a polite expression.

I didn't really need a reply. If this thing could slip safely in and out of time, or bring time recoiling backwards and forwards, then the ability to move craft from one region of space to the next, shouldn't present too many problems, as the methodology driving both ideas is similar. The man continued to stare, so much so it became uncomfortable. I inquired if he had anything else to ask, or whether that was it.

He mumbled something about he had so much to ask, but didn't know where to begin. What he wanted was perhaps something I wasn't prepared to give. He used the theoretical evaluations as his launch pad, but in essence, I believed it was an insight into my own mind he wanted. He wanted to know what made me tick, how I operate, and where all these ideas originate.

And I know that sounds pretentious, but sometimes we all want to know about the individual, whether it's the philosopher, the film star or the guy next door. There is nothing special about me. I just do a different job to most other people. Sure, I write books, build web sites and develop theories, but that doesn't make me important, just different.

What did fuel my imagination though, was the ability to make this event possible. I couldn't help but wonder at what I had actually done, and the way humanity might use, or pervert its development. In some small way I now realised I was the architect of mankind's destiny. I had moulded and shaped his future and allowed it to discuss the possibilities with its father. And somehow I didn't like the thought. Yet, if I'm honest, it did excite me, in a sobrietous way. Did humanity's survival, or untimely demise now rest with the creation of my endeavour.

I hoped not. But then again, I could envisage the calamity that might emerge. One wrong step, and our future, as a species could cease to exist. It wasn't just about him journeying to see me, it was also about this chrysalis of a species breaking free of its cocoon. Like all beautiful butterflies that venture forth unto the great yonder, danger awaits them.

I have, in this book commenced the journey for them. You are witnessing the sowing of the seeds. Over the coming years you shall witness, not without a lot of acrimony the dissent that sorrounds it, and as the seasons pass, and the landscapes change, your children will banquet in

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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