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Species in a universe.

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the majestic possibility of what unfurls. It's difficult for us to imagine the enormity of projects such as time travel, and comprehend the nature of their achievements. But even as I sit here, I marvel at its possibilities. We know, or at least assume, that time travel does not particularly entail visits to those throughout history: Our own history books would tell us, if that was the case.

As Stephen Hawking pointed out, if time travel was possible, they'd already be here telling us about it. But, we must accept, as Stephen did when he said, time began at a point known as a Big Bang singularity; and events before this point are of no significance. He chose a jump off point for Big Bang argument and the passage of time. We could argue the same expectation of time travel, that it's only possible from a point of inception, and events before its inception are of no importance. But personally I don't like that chain of thought.

I showed, by rewriting a Big Bang that time itself is no more than a concept of men's imaginations. I showed time, by rewriting Einsteinian special relativity not to be relative, and I would assume, by particle change, that point of inception would be no barrier to mankind's aspiration. But what might be an obstacle, is the ethical pattern that emerges. Whilst it might be tempting to return, and talk with great leaders, philosophers, theorists, mathematicians and those whom have shaped our world, it might also prove contentious. I would guess, and this is only a guess, but I believe those I spoke with on that craft had travelled further back than I care to imagine.

But I also guess they remained distantly discreet. Existentialist surveyors might be a term to describe their mission.

Historians of the future would demand no less of them, to up-date and correct history books and their understanding of events. Maybe my encounter alone was one act of gesture, or perhaps humility. Perhaps they felt as humbled by me, as I did by them; yet together, we found something more important than technology, or the human mind can ever discover.

We both, even if we didn't know it at the time, found a sense of cohesion. They meant as much to me, as I to them. That is something much more profound then any human could ever begin to understand. Its primordial, savagery and constructed in the very soup of life. It's the fabric which binds us together, strengthens our resolve and ensures the species may hone and adapt its instinctive nature from one generation to the next.

We were, at that juncture, where, some might say time had crossed over, but I had proved it didn't exist at all, kindred spirits. Although the term was never verbally used. He was as much part of me, as I of him. He induced the same curiosity as I, and both of us knew words were not significant enough to describe these events.

I stood, and as he raised, we embraced hands, and caught the glassy eyed significance of what it is to be human. Both inflicted with mankind's compassion, we parted, as what I might term friends, even if we assume friendship takes a lifetime to build. We never had that lifetime of bonding, or necessity. We had generations of people in between who had achieved it for us. They had, throughout the generations striven to make us what we are; sane, intellectual comrades of one dynamic species in a universe I personally believe to be teaming with life. I believe at that point mankind, grew-up. His hostility, his inhumanity, his selfishness had finally been relinquished to a bygone area of uncertainty.

By accepting his hand, comfortably in mine, we had bridged the dived of what most call time. But for me, I had bridged the ambivalence of my own mind. I finally knew years of work was not some hollow gesture, but a well achieved desire. It made it what you might say: Worthwhile. I was escorted to the other side of the craft, as a member of the public still stood outside talking to the crew.

Out of sight, the vacuum of a door seal broke, and the cold night air crashed against my face. A small tube ladder, with half a dozen rungs lowered, and reluctantly I left. I walked hesitantly at first not daring to look back. But as my stride, through the dew covered field gathered momentum, I stopped, spun round and witnessed the door portal retract.

That blood red light behind it gave way, and all that remained was a huge black shadow. Without a sound, what appeared to be

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Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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