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Big Bang singularity.

Big bang singularity.
Big bang singularity was developed by Stephen Hawking.

Once you interfere, as we have, with the chain, or simply show links are missing within it, the whole theory collapses at that point. The eqivalent would be for you to remove DLL files from your computer.

A Big Bang singularity at that point should really be perceived as no more than a universal house of cards cobbled together when someone had nothing better to do. And like that proverbial house of cards, it will collapse at the first sign of interference; and that is not an enviable position to find yourself in.

What we are searching so desperately for here is a productive element which appears to remain obscure by it absence. There is no feasible possibility, let alone probability why this event should happen. But if we could show a stronger correlation between contributory events, we might apply a slightly more lateral dimension and give it more credibility.

However, we can't. If we find it difficult, some might even say impossible to show reason why this enormous and universal explosion took place, then unfortunately it falls at the very first hurdle. It would be nice, for myself include, who does seek to find some sensible explanation to that which we obviously belong too. After all, we are as much part of it, as it is part of us.

But to misinform a wider audience of its potential is unprofessional. No matter how often television or the movies translates its potential via our screens, we are still left with such gaping wounds in the theory any serious evaluation is lost at that point.

We asked what made a Big Bang singularity, that point science describes as an event, take place. And what we have come to accept, rather sadly is, there is no coherent reason for it to explode. Therefore, although disillusioned by the prospect, we might still cling to its concept. Some might argue it only needs a touch of fine-tuning; we can make it work! But in essence there are other questions it poses.

Why did all universal material consolidate to that place?

If we were to be generous in our initial belief, and keep, just for the moment an open mind, and approach this subject from a more conciliatory fashion, we might be able to offer this conceptual analysis a touch more dignity, because it does appear to have very little. And some disbelievers of a Big Bang singularity, less generous than myself of course might even term this a universal whore.

Most academics have slept with it, the majority simply to satisfy their own lust, while others abandon it at the earliest opportunity. Quite frankly most see the Big Bang as a convenient opportunity to be usurped to promote their own careers.

We asked why this entity would have suddenly exploded a moment ago, and decided it probably wouldn't have done. But now, as we are in generosity mode, we will, for the sake of argument say it can explode.

At that point we can offer an interpretation of what this Big Bang singularity actually resembled.

But in saying that, we must still insist, strongly where necessary, that it meet specific examples and explain its production. Even when we offer a generous example of how this works, we still see no plausible explanation for the entire universe to have located to that original start point.

What we would be searching for, would be a reason, that reason which could only hold one positive attribute, a centre of gravity. So, indeed what we need to find, is initially why all the known matter in our universe first located to that precise spot. And perhaps that in itself defeats the object, for had it all transferred to that primary place, then a Big Bang singularity would not have been its first movement, it would have been its second movement.

You might understand from that thought, a process of cause and effect does enter any established theory. But as there is no tangible reason to believe a centre of gravity existed before a big bang, there cannot be a definitive account of its centralization.

And so, although we became perhaps a touch over generous at that point, and provided an excuse to allow an event to emerge, we still find internal problems with the very basic framework which governs it.

We assumed a Big Bang could not take place because there was no acceptable reason for it to do so; and now have to endorse a very sobering thought, that even if we did permit an explosion, on universal terms, no one can give a reasonable explanation why all universal matter might have all located to that precise universal zone before detonation.

For proponents of a Big Bang creation theory, there are ever surmounting problems, most of which seem to be overlooked, dismissed or simply ignored. When these early flaws are mentioned there tends to be a reluctance to accept them, and a lot of excuses to be made.

Perhaps we should also make an excuse or two as we're feeling generous at the moment.

We said we could offer a reasonable amount of generosity and say that point in spacetime could explode, but at the same time found no obvious reason why it should have moved to that point initially to explode. Indeed a puzzle. So let's make an excuse for them.

All universal matter not only had an ability to come into being, but was already located at that central place ready and waiting to explode.

And I know those opposed to a Big Bang singularity will be furious I offer such easy escape routes for those that do support Big Bang theory, but we must show how, even with an excuse or two being made along the way, the belief is a touch meretricious.

Can we show what it exploded in too?

Let us imagine, just for a moment, this galactic event has spontaneously occurred, a surge of energy has suddenly erupted and creation is born: An almighty explosion took place and all the new Galaxies are now expelled and spread out across the inhospitable regions of space. Heading out in every imaginable direction are new galaxies, packed with stars, loaded with planets, dust and debris: What is it expanding in too?

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