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Ten commandments handed down to Moses.

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Moses Ten commandments.
Ten commandments are expected to be followed by us.

Theologians would say God provided us with a set of laws, very basic on first assumption, but very complex in their entirety, although gestated with a simplicity that couldn't be misunderstood. These were known to us as the Ten commandments, handed down to Moses on the mount and expected to be followed by us.

They were God's laws, and we expected God alone to police them. If we failed to abide by these rules, we assumed retribution on judgement day, and that we willingly accepted.

So, what went wrong with God's law?

Mankind, was offered an alternative set of rules, funded with no moral integrity or decency: Mankind, no longer paid heed to those biblical texts and pursued a more selfish ambition.

Mankind, was offered power, and blindly sought to bathe in it.

When the Devil offered certain individuals a corrupt cup of poison to drink from, some reached for that cup willingly. And those glutonous individuals where given a free reign at the moral destruction of society. A few, well placed people egged on by other wanton non-entities from the periphery then subjected a decent Christian population to an indulgence of rampant moral indignation.

And still to this day, they promote self depravity through every access area possible: They offer perverted teaching in schools and colleges. They try desperately to control the internet, cinema, TV, the newspapers and magazines and attach incredulous soundbites: "It's normal!" they tell us.

Is a society constantly tearing itself apart normal? Is poverty for the many normal? Is subjecting peoples' children to rampant homosexual diseases normal? Is mother's daughters selling their body from a street corner normal? or a father's son lying drunk and useless in the gutter, NORMAL? You tell me!

That we see is what went wrong; we mistakenly trusted those with power, those who still to this day convey an atrocious behaviour as the norm; that is what went wrong. We trusted man to decide man's future and never realised he simply wasn't up to the job.

So what is normal?, and more importantly how do we put it right?

Maybe mankind can never put it right, but we can discuss briefly how we should make a start. But there are fundamentals of decency we need to understand.

If decency is to vanquish those selfish, homogenous traits, inflicted on the many by the few are to be stopped, turned and then rolled back, we must endeavour always to decipher the difference between right and wrong, not simply follow prerehearsed soundbites. For although the soundbite raises the profile, usually for celebrity status, it does little for the many who suffer the resulting indignity.

We have to understand, even though it might be unpalatable to certain self appointed pressure groups, that rules laid down under biblical text were more democratic in their approach than so called legislation from a parliamentary process.

When theologian teaching is translated, it usually encompasses everyone, and does not favour the few. There is no discrimination or segregation.

But sometimes individuals have to be flexible. It is for the minority to convince the majority of their contribution towards the greater good of humanity and God - not corrupt it with individual, selfish advancement.

We instinctively know in our hearts what is normal, simply because that foundation has already been laid.

We asked a few moments ago, "why do we feel what we feel"? and suggested there is no real, logical answer to describe it. But it is, nonetheless, a self imposed acceptance we accept with birth. It comes from a pattern installed inside us all to justify our own existence within the fabric of a wider, universal body.

Homosexuals, know instinctively, homosexuality is not normal, that is why they euphemistically term it "Gay!" We know prostitution is not normal. How can it be normal for anyone to have to sell their body to satisfy another's perversion? We know drugs and alcohol are not normal by the way they subject the rest of society to a litany of abuse. We know television, and Hollywood movies with their encouragement into debased subject matter is not normal, yet those that are supposed to protect the majority forsake us for their own profligacy.

What went wrong, was society trusted too many, too often; and by this time we might have expected an apology for their contrived acts of selfishness. But if I was you, I wouldn't hold my breath in anticipation. For their lack of courage, the rest of humanity has been left to vegetate in a pit of indecency.

When we vacated God's law for man's, we hit the slippery slope from cohesion to iniquity. We can begin to understand quite easily where it all went wrong.

When we embarked on a policy of placing faith in men, rather than God, we undertook some essential changes: We started to believe man had an ability to predetermine events; the very basic substance inside us all, that not even science can explain: Emotions, feelings and natural, some might even say, normal attributes that make a complex entity what it is.

And while legislation can allow for practical events, it never encounters the indigenous qualities which become the essence of life, and indeed, survival. Only God has an insight into these, and perhaps still today, only God truly understands their mechanics.

But to delve more deeply among God's insight into us, we may first have to ask him!

We could literally ask God those more intimate questions?

It might on first assumption sound ridiculous, to believe one day we might make contact with The Lord Almighty, to extend an inquiring mind and ask the reasoning behind us: But why not? What's stopping us?

Before we move any further, you need to ask yourself one probing question: Do you believe in God? If the answer to that is yes, you might like to examine our earlier evaluation and conclude an audience with the almighty our divine right, yet the prerequisite should be, we must prepare ourselves for what might eventually appear.

We could dismiss the thought as absurd, but before we do, we must investigate and examine that which surrounds any debate. If you said you do believe in God, and are honest with yourself, you must naturally assume God does exist. If then you continue with your belief, and you do hold to God's existence, then surely you must believe he can also be contacted.

We proposed in other chapters, that God would be one of two things, either matter or energy. And if God is either of these, then there is no logical reason on Earth why God should not be, first detected, and then subsequently provoked. And if you say that's impossible, then surely you don't believe in God in the first place. Because you simply cannot believe on one hand God exists, but on the other hand, insist God may not be contacted: Although I suppose it would be entirely up to God as to whether he chooses to pick up the telephone or not, to speak metaphorically.

And so, how would we go about this monumentous task, and what might it entail?

Firstly, we have to assume our scientific friends would need to endorse a strategic belief. And they wouldn't be easily convinced. A more productive approach would come from lobbyists coercing respective members of legislatory bodies to insist on a theologian application of advancement, after all, as it is the tax payer who picks up the bill at the end of the day for Telescopes and space programmes, why shouldn't the tax payer have a few of their own desires fulfilled?

I think personally, if ever this did take place, it would more likely than not come from the States. In the US they are not quite so hostile to new avenues of adventure as we are in Europe. We have lost, as quoted by George Bernard Shaw, in the initial pages of this work that ability of wisdom, most desire, yet all are too scared to handle.

But let's suppose for one moment, a project has been earmarked for production, a touch like the SETI Search for extraterrestrial intelligence programme. What would we be looking for out there in that vast expanse and enormity of space?

We suggested it would be either mass or energy. Both of these commodites should be detectable with a large radio telescope or large array of radio telescopes. We would need to preset a programme and sweep the universal skies with a strong commitment and diligent application. But even then, I don't think we would find God over night, perhaps not even in the near future, but that shouldn't deter us from pursuing logical goals.

We could even make it an international project. After all, if we in the UK can spend three-quarters of a billion US dollars on a giant mushroom, called The Dome, then why not a few hundred million in a quest for the greatest audience ever granted.

But I'm affraid science would suggest at this point, they have far more productive things to spend money on, if there is to be cosmological research undertaken. And they could be right. But for me I think not. It might sound initially an idle curiosity to search the heavens for something that might turn out to be no more than an ambivalent dream. But if a productive search was set in motion, and brought forward to a strong conclusion, what benefits might we gain from it?

Firstly we have to admit planet Earth is falling apart around our ears, we are on burnout and heading towards a planetary nervous breakdown at a million miles per hour. We appear, on first assumption to have lost direction, employed drift and are reaching blindly for an emotional crutch that might help us from one day to the next. We are rapidly, once again, progressing towards them bonfires of insanity we've seen rack our world throughout history.

All the promises, and false hope touted about has once again vanished in a puff of political smoke. And what we need is a sense of cohesion, moral recognition and affinity with other human beings. We need to set ourselves some goals, and if necessary reach for the stars. But unfortunately man cannot do that alone, his mere status on planet Earth as an individual or group is neither strong enough or intelligent enough to plan for the bigger picture. We need guidance from a higher, moral authority. But only if we believe strongly enough, and ask salvation, might the benefits be embounded.

But before we seek that salvation, we must first admit to ourselves, we have a serious problem. It becomes a touch like the proverbial alcoholic, or drug abuser: We must admit we need direction, and salvation from above, just as the alcholoic or drug abuser does from society. Yet as no individual or group is capable of achieving this task to unite our planet, we need God. God maybe the single most important factor for our survival: We either embrace the inevitable by extending our ambitions to a productive search, or watch ourselves slip precariously towards the abyss. The choice is ours. And only our own denial and lack of faith stands in our way.

We have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

If science does embark, on our behalf, a search to establish God within the greater equation, we might just one day find that salvation; we may even begin to like ourselves, understand life has more meaning than just grabbing what we can, and produce the society we all desire: A place where we don't shoot people because they knock on our front door, a place where kids are safe and mutual respect is guaranteed, where the hungry are fed, and drugs are only used productively to treat the sick.

And I know some would argue, it no more than a pipe dream, one last desperate bid to discover something, anything because we live in a shabby world, and personally I could not agree more.

But in saying that, is there really a better solution? Has someone really developed a panacea and not told the rest of us, or as usual, are we expected to keep our mouths shut, sit in a corner and just be thankful for what we are given? If that is the case, then heaven help us all because no one else will.

When we said originally, that we have lost the power of wisdom, perhaps we never realised just how accurate the statement was. We could wait for relative politicians to come bounding to the rescue, employ some self righteous lobby group or pressure group and hope for the best. But at the end of the day, as unpalatable as it might seem, there is only one strategic factor that makes the entire human race quake in its boots: God!

It makes not one jot of difference whether you are a pauper or a king, a president or pleb, in God's eyes we are all mortal, of flesh and blood and subservient in the greater scheme of things to come.

So how do we make contact with God?

We first need commitment, and then recognition from a wider, more respected body. We need science and politicians to literally wake up and realise their attempts at world order are no more than feeble gestures, mere bullets against the lightning. And if that happened, and we managed to convince a very sceptic, very atheist society the rewards could be fantastic. We might slowly put together a thesis with as much credibility as S.E.T.I itself.

And once that happens, we would employ large Telescopes as we said to scour our heavens in a methodical search. From across the globe we would extend a discreet desire and ask one small favour, that most grand of all requests: An audience with The Lord Almighty.

Yet, as to how it would communicate with us could be open to speculation, although I do not particularly think it in some common language. If we even by chance located a large residual pocket of energy beyond these mortal realms, we might be capable of provoking it into a response. If we pushed forwards into space, a large jolt of energy, and awoke God from his lair, we might stir him into some logical response. But just what that response would be, might also be speculative. We have to remember, although theologians pontificate about the virtues of God and his mighty kingdom, is does not necessarily mean we automatically become favoured.

To locate, and then provoke a residual pocket of energy, without any prior knowledge to its desires could prove the greatest act of folly mankind has ever pursued. But why should that stop him? We're noted for our acts of folly, one more will not make that much difference, or will it?

This one could be so monumental it might just eradicate us completely. Suppose we discovered that energy field, pointed a huge transmitter dish in its general direction, and sent a bolt of roar energy to tempt it. Then imagine it registered, and energy contacted energy, a signal was identified and a response indicated.

Suddenly, it began to move, to calculate the source. energy began to follow from its signature in the universal ether, a trail, all the way back to the point of source. And here we remain, awe inspired by its power.

Distortions in around planet earth's electromagnetic field are felt, and we wait for this exhibition of God's awesome power. A blinding blue flash ignites the sky, scorches the Earth and fries everything insight with its mighty power. It waits our response. Another jolt of fusion energy vaporises our planet, and with no response, it moves cautiously on, its journey through space still uncertain, never ending, and like a small child who curiously sought the imprisonment of a delicate, beautiful butterfly we became resigned to oblivion.

One day we may possess the power to speak with God, but before we do, we should remember God may just respond. Perhaps before we actually tempt such fate we should think again. Just maybe we should let God sleep, lay dormant in his mighty kingdom - and prey to God, he allows us to lay dormant in ours.

But mankind is not of that ilk. When man finds an idea, man will pursue it. I personally think we will discover God one day. Maybe it will not be as we imagined, but it will be God nonetheless.

Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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