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An alien species.

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alien existence.
alien existence formulating plans against us.

humanity and their ambitions throughout an ever inviting universe: However, it does pose the question of how far behind others we lag, when it comes to understanding time, special relativity, the velocity of light and cancelling time?

One of the interesting factors built within the prediction, the rise and fall of starlight is, if this event is witnessed and shown to be accurate, then as starlight lifts and returns to its original position, it can only mean one thing; the event is conclusively caused by another planetary eclipse.

But, does that mean there are other Planets then?

It most certainly does, for if the event takes place, it is specifically motivated by an eclipse in another solar system. And when the event happens, it shows conclusively their hidden secrets as we previously mentioned, and perhaps more importantly, the reason why other Planets are not detectable to us regardless of how often we search the universe for them.

When we have scoured the heavens in the past, consistently searching for other life - and found none, we instantally assumed it does not exist. But if our thinking is right, then the only reason we have not been able to detect alien life, is because of the methodology we deploy.

Science usually tells us, with impassioned eyes and hands, and inflamed words: "There simply is no other life out here. planet Earth exists with intelligent life purely because it found itself in the right place at the right time: An accident."

But let's suppose for one moment we were no accident, we didn't just find ourselves positioned at a convenient distance from the sun, or living in the right location. Howmany other worlds might there be?

What we have to understand about Doppler detection: (The change in pitch of frequency from a source to an observer is), it would show us if there was any large body of matter orbiting another star. This therefore means if someone used the same technique to measure our star, they would not witness a star that got lucky once, but a star that had inevitably got lucky nine times! I think you might agree it very unfortunate for the rest of the known universe, who never got lucky once, but we managed it nine times.

I don't quite know how the laws of mathematical statistics might apply to the equation, but I think we could find they would be so outrageously high, that the chances of this happening, would be pure fantasy. To even suggest we might be on our own in this ether of space seems profoundly obtuse.

One might even say the denial factor has crept in already, and those in a position of power seem to be resolute in their belief; either that or they just wish to over stress our own importance in the matrix's of things.

But what is even more alarming than that, is they have never sought to question their own ability. Some might even say that arrogant on their part. Man made a decision, man cannot be wrong! And as we have worked on a hypothesis that suggests man's interpretation of the basic laws of physics, and the universe might be misunderstood, just what does it present before us?

We said starlight can only rise and fall by another body of mass in another solar system. That would mean what we witness today, as an equation (another star) has already had its sums calculated, therefore the Doppler registration we detect is no more than a complete, primary sum.

However, if we conclude our prediction to be a secondary equation, rather than a primary one, then every single star in the heavens could literally be teaming with life around it, undetectable to us under modern Doppler theory. I think at that precise time, we might assume they are not all at the same level of maturity as us: Some will be less advanced, some on a relative parity and others more and much more advanced than us. And that is frightening in itself.

Science has already despatched probes like Voyger, off into the universe, complete with identification maps of us, our address and capabilities. And because of this monumental act of folly, we can only hope any alien species that comes in to contact with the said probe doesn't mistake it for a menu!

As you read this, our own denial of alien existence might have permitted an alien species the luxury of formulating plans against us. As we speak, an invasion fleet could already be on its way, or maybe, as H.G. Wells wrote:

"Maybe they just scrutinise us, as we scrutinise insects - that swarm and multiply in a drop of water beneath a microscope."

We said so far, there are about 164 million people who have claimed to see some kind of UFO activity of the first, second or third kind. And I would imagine if that is how many have reported seeing them said events, at least twice that many again will have not reported strange experiences through fear of derision.

Or maybe what they see is no more than a candid vision of our future, or an intrusive vision of our past, just like when individuals see a ghost and believe it the image of a dead person. Maybe these events are merely impressions of time, or what we promised in our introduction, time windows on the universe.

Therefore we must ask, is that an ability to see our past and future?

And rspond by saying, in a way yes, but simultaneously it also means no. The basic reasoning behind this theory is, we worked on a belief time can run parallel with each other. We suggested two lots of time, or more arguably one amount of time as we understand it, and one amount of non time.

Time, for us would be that proverbial ticking clock on the wall, slowly extracting every once of mockery until our finite demise. Everything would be the same, planets, stars, Galaxies and even the universe itself, with a slight exception. That is, two observers not being able to witness an event at any different time to any other. Or (all points in the universe are equal to all other points at all time).

The principle of special relativity perceives time like a following river. Imagine if both you and I stood on a river bank, a mile apart and watched a big orange ball come floating along. Depending on which direction the river flowed in, one of us would see the event before the other. And so, if the big orange ball drifted past you at say 2pm, you could stop your watch and log that as an event. But if I was a mile further down the river bank, and the big orange ball did not pass me until 2:30pm, then I would log the event as happening thirty minutes after you.

If we then compared notes, we would see time, has discriminated between us by thirty minutes. Therefore two observers might witness the same event at a different time in its own history. If we then imagine that on universal terms, we do not see a thirty minute delay, but light years, depending on how far light has actually travelled during any duration we can see the casam that opens up before us. A thirty minute delay here on Earth means very little, but across the uuniverse, looking back to the very kindling of creation, we see an entire tunnel of time, logging each event as they came into being. These events are what make-up fourth dimensional space time. Time, of course being the fourth dimension!

But let us change the theory a touch, and apply our own belief, that of light moving two directions simultaneous between two bodies of mass stars from a central point of force.

But to achieve this, we come back to something much more easily identifiable in our own minds. Another thought experiment.

Rather than just imagine the river flowing, with you and I at different points along the river bank, imagine a large circular lake.

It now makes no difference wherever you or I stand. If two orange balls are released from a central point in the lake, and they drift equally outwards towards us both, then we will both log the identification of each of these objects at precisely the same time.

If we both stopped our watches simultaneous, and then we compare notes on the time, we will find our watches are identical.

I think the flaw with Einstein's work, special relativity, is it only perceived starlight as coming from a star and moving in one direction. But as we showed earlier, with Newton's second and third laws, if we make that point where starlight breaks, central to any two stars and allow light, because of its waves to move two directions, we would concur there is no such thing as universal time, space time, spacetime curvature or fourth dimensional space time.

And that means, there never can be a yesterday or tomorrow because everywhere in the universe always has to be today.

If we then apply this theoretical analogy, to what we see, in the shape of ghosts, we understand that if everywhere is always today, and all visible light travels as gravity rather than existing elementary waves, such as light, then we could conclude, an image of a person from the past is merely a higher volume of mass brought back into being.

And I do understand the theory is a bit complex to work out, but please continue. To indulge more candidly with the explanation, we have to employ the nothingness theory as well.

We said, rather than a Big Bang singularity, we would introduce mankind to a fusion/infusion policy: (As energy raced away all universal matter/mass centralised.) Basically, that means, as a ball of energy raced away through a diamond fabric, all Neutron particle mass consolidated to the exact centre of the known universe.

And at that jucture in time, it could not explode, because it contained absolutely no energy. Therefore it would have had unwind. But if this is the case, it must have naturally registered its identification while consolidating.

We could assume, from that belief, a universal blueprint must already be in existence. And for easy recognition, you might like to think of it like a video tape. It makes no difference if you slot the video in the recorder and press play, fast-forwards, rewind or stop! Wherever you halt the tape, the clock will read a certain time. If you then play the cassette again, and stop at that precise time, the clock will always read the same time, play the same segment and show the same image.

If our universe composed itself in a fusion/infusion movement, and is now unwinding itself, then we could determine at every precise location the data is already preset. Our future is there simply waiting to happen, just as our past never disappears, but merely evaporates with its universal fingerprint still left in tact.

And if we asked why this might happen, we could probably deduce it is only because the velocity at any given time in its history is not moving at the correct speed for us to witness it. We might term this: acceleration and weight are relative to time and motion, and time itself is not relative at all. Only the speed of an object turning determines its identity.

If we then argue, that due to light, moving two ways simultaneous, which showed us that if two bodies of mass are equal, it moves from an exact central point, but redetermines its position if one body of mass increases, we suggested light and all waves must move as gravity waves. You might like to think of it like a Mexican wave in a football stadium; each person stands-up, and then sits back down, but because they each slightly oscillate at different periods in their own history, it offers an impression there is an entire body of transferable movement, when in fact the only thing to move is an impression of transferable movement.

If gravity then applies the same logic, we could assume what we see is an elementary movement of gravity itself. And if all standard waves, became gravitational waves, then natural waves of gravity should theoretically permeate our planet, and universe beyond as a whole. Add on to the theory, time does not exist, and the past merely decays, and the future is already there just not moving at the correct speed to make it visible, then these gravity waves should be able to either advance or slow standard particles in their own time frame.

You could imagine it like walking in a nice new pair of springy trainers, with the wind behind you, or trying to struggle down the road in a pair of heavy leadboots with the wind in your face.

If we were to visualise a strong gravity wave passing over any specific area, at that precise moment, then the particles: Atoms could literally increase their density. And if they did, then theoretically, the volume of mass would increase and an object become visible.

If we understand that a universe is a preset entity, only visible to our eyesight at given times when the volume of mass permits, we might deduce ghosts are not actually ghosts as we determine them, but are simply impressions in the fabric of time, as its gravitational levels change.

And the same analogy might be true of UFO phenomenon; but I wish to tackle that, and visitors in time, in another chapter. But what we will conclude from this chapter, in summary, is that time is not as simple as we might have first thought.

We have shown from the transmission of light, we can cancel time altogether, yet still apply it in other directions. We showed how everywhere in our universe can be today, and their be no such thing as tomorrow or yesterday. We made it possible by cancelling time for UFOs to cross the universe with a theory to show light not a constant in a vacuum.

And that was the most important part of this chapter, as we applied specific predictions for science to measure the concept. We achieved something together, an ability to rewrite special relativity, a concept clung desperately to for nearly a hundred years.

But more importantly, we truly showed with this astounding proposition, that it is us that truly are the masters of time, and not time itself.

Below is a list of chapters for the Metaphysics Anthology. The book itself is designed as abit of fun! One man thinking out loud. You should not see it as science, merely enjoy the imagination of the human mind in full swing.

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