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Hindley and Brady.

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Puppy in arms Myra Hovers over victims grave.

Kieth Bennet spent the day at home playing by himself as his mother readied herself for an evening bingo: a rare treat in sixties Britain for hard working, underpaid families living near the breadline. On the 16th June, 1964, at 29 Eston street, Kieth's mother sent her beloved son to stay with his grandmother. On his way, he ran into Hindley and Brady. Once again, he was seduced into the car and taken up to the moors where Hindley kept look out for her lover Brady, until Brady callously despatched the child and returned to her position.

Frail little Kieth Bennet was left in a shallow grave, with Hindley (in a recently discovered set of pictures) gloating over it, a dog by her side and arrogant smile on her lips. A picture of the victim's grave with Hindley positioned dominant over it, accompanied by a pet had become symbolic. A mocking trademark of their contempt for society, the law, the children, and the very essence of everything decent people hold sacred.

Emboldened by their previous crimes and feeling immune from the law, Hindley and Brady travelled to a local fairground on Boxing Day, where they would inevitably meet their fourth victim, Lesley Ann Downey. Lesley Ann, was, in the words of her mother: "A good child who always did her homework, a perfect child any mother would be proud of.' Myra Hindley stealthily approached Lesley Ann Downey from behind, as she stood watching the waltzer and dodgems, listening to the howling sixties rock music and smiling at the excited screams of carnival revellers.

With only a silver sixpence in her pocket to spend, Lesley Ann's mother expected her home early. Hindley was about to change that and cast a shadow of despair over Lesley Ann's mother that would haunt her until her dying day. Myra stood next to the pretty little girl with the short black curly hair.

Hindley clutched a bag of groceries she just purchased from a local supermarket. Myra let the bag fall to the ground by Lesley Ann's side. As the shopping spilt across the floor, Lesley Ann bent down to help Hindley collect them. Brady, in the meantime had arrived from the other direction to close the trap. With the items back in the bag, the two adults then convinced Lesley Ann Downey to help them take it back to their car. Hindley had exchanged the mini van for an enclosed mini traveller. With Lesley Ann in the vehicle, Hindley and Brady decided to take her back to the house they lived in, at 16 walder Brook Avenue.

After Lesley helped Myra carry her shopping into the house, she found Brady guarding the locked front door. In their sadism, Hindley and Brady dragged the child screaming upstairs, where a back bedroom had already been prepared.

Inside the tiny room was a bed, a frame chair, chest of drawers and single bed. Lesley Ann was forced, amongst her sobbing to remove her clothes. When she finished, she was tied, gagged and laid prone on the bed. Hindley set an old fashioned sixties spool tape recorder in motion, and together, her and Brady indulged their sick perversions with the child.

When Brady and Hindley tired, a ligature was placed around Lesley Ann's neck, and she was strangled. Only when the last gasps of air left her angelic little body did Brady release his grip. Lesley Ann's bloody body, which fought for every breath of life, until it could fight no more, was then washed, bound in a white sheet and taken out to the moor for burial in a few cold inches of earth.

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