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Present configuration of the ISS.

Expedition 12 Completes First Spacewalk

Nov 8, 2005 - Expedition 12 Flight Engineer Valery Tokarev and Commander Bill McArthur spent over 5 hours outside the International Space Station, performing their first spacewalk. During their time in space, the two men installed a new video camera on the P1 truss structure and jettisoned a probe attached to the exterior of the station. The mission started an hour later than planned because of a misaligned valve in the Quest airlock that needed troubleshooting.

Expedition 11 Returns to Earth

Oct 11, 2005 - The crew of Expedition 11 landed safely in the steppes of Kazakhstan Monday morning, after spending 179 days on board the International Space Station. Space tourist Greg Olsen was also in in the Soyuz TMA capsule, having spent a week in space. The recovery team reached the crew within minutes, and found them safe and healthy. There was an unexpected loss of communications with the Soyuz while it reentered the Earth's atmosphere, but communications were reestablished, and there were no other problems with the landing.

Space Tourist and New Crew Arrive at the Space Station

Oct 3, 2005 - The Soyuz spacecraft carrying the crew of Expedition 12 and space tourist Greg Olsen docked with the International Space Station on Monday. The visitors were greeted by the crew of Expedition 11, who have been on board the station for nearly 6 months. Olsen will conduct several experiments on the station, and then return with the crew of Expedition 11 in about a week.

Progress 19 Brings Spare Parts to the Station

Sep 13, 2005 - An unpiloted Progress cargo ship docked to the Zvezda module of the International Space Station on Saturday, delivering supplies to the crew of Expedition 11. The supplies include food, water, fuel, oxygen, air, clothing and experimental hardware. Also on board are spare parts for the Russian Vozdukh carbon dioxide removal system and the Elektron oxygen generator. The astronaut will try and repair the Elektron next week to bring it back into service.

Cosmonaut Will Break the Record for Spaceflight

Aug 15, 2005 - Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev is about to break the record for human spaceflight on Tuesday. Currently on board the International Space Station, he will tie the current record holder, Sergei Avdeyev, when reaches 748 days in orbit. Krikalev has been on two long-duration stays on the Mir space station, two flights on the Space Shuttle, and two trips on the Space Station. He was aboard Mir when the Soviet Union collapsed, the first Russian to fly on the Shuttle, and a member of the first crew for the International Space Station.

Progress 18 Docks

Jun 20, 2005 - The unpiloted Progress 18 cargo ship docked with the International Space Station on Saturday, delivering a fresh batch of supplies. The spacecraft nearly connected automatically to the Zvezda Service Module, but Commander Sergei Krikalev had to take over because of communications problems between ground control and the Progress.ship. It's loaded up with food, propellant, oxygen, water, spare parts, and experiment hardware. It also brought along the new camera system that will help astronauts inspect the space shuttle for damage when it docks.

18th Progress Lifts Off

Jun 17, 2005 - An unmanned Russian Progress cargo spacecraft lifted off from the Baikonur cosmodrome Thursday evening, beginning its journey to resupply the International Space Station. On board the 18th Progress cargo ship are two tonnes of supplies, including food, water, air, fuel, equipment and personal items. The spacecraft will reach the station and dock automatically to the Zvezda module on Saturday.

ESA Astronaut Will Visit Station for Months

Apr 28, 2005 - European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Reiter from Germany will become the first from the agency to spend several months on board the International Space Station. Although ESA astronauts have visited the station several times before, they usually only stick around for about a week, perform a bunch of experiments, and then join the returning crew for the Soyuz flight home. Reiter will be launched with the Space Shuttle flight STS-121, currently planned for July 2006.

Expedition 10 Lands Safely

Apr 25, 2005 - The Soyuz capsule carrying the crew of Expedition 10 and ESA astronaut Roberto Vittori landed safely in north-central Kazakhstan early Monday, approximately 85 km (53 miles) from the town of Arkalyk. Recovery personnel reached the spacecraft within minutes of their touchdown, and the crew was airlifted out safely. Leroy Chiao and Salizhan Sharipov spent a total of 192 days in space, and completed two spacewalks.

Expedition 11's Soyuz Docks

Apr 16, 2005 - The newest residents of the International Space Station arrived at their destination on Saturday, as their Soyuz TMA-6 capsule docked automatically. Hatches between the spacecraft and station were opened a few hours later, and the three crew members joined the two men of Expedition 10 on board the station. Commander Sergei Krikalev and astronaut John Phillips will remain on the station until October 2005, while ESA Astronaut Roberto Vittori will return in about a week with Leroy Chiao and Salizhan Sharipov.

Expedition 11 Blasts Off for the Station

Apr 15, 2005 - The 11th crew to man the International Space Station blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on Thursday. The Soyuz TMA capsule carrying Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev, Astronaut John Phillips, and European Space Agency Astronaut Roberto Vittori of Italy reached orbit a few minutes after launch. Krikalev and Phillips will replace the current crew, while Vittori will only remain on the station for a week and then return with Expedition 10. The Soyuz will dock on Saturday.

Spacewalkers Release Mini-Satellite

Mar 28, 2005 - The astronauts on board the International Space Station spent a few hours walking around in space today. They installed new antennas to help guide the new European "Jules Verne" cargo ship when it launches next year. They also released a tiny Russian satellite by hand - flight engineer Salizhan Sharipov "threw" it off the station at a velocity of about 1 metre/second. The whole spacewalk finished ahead of schedule, and the two men returned inside after spending about 4.5 hours in space.

Progress Docks with Station

Mar 3, 2005 - The 17th Progress cargo ship docked with the International Space Station on Tuesday, delivering a pile of supplies. The ship is carrying air, water, food, equipment, and science experiments. But one of its most important cargoes is a new high resolution digital camera that the astronauts will use to inspect space shuttles when they dock with the station. The docking was completed autonomously; however, cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov was ready at the manual controls to take over if there had been a problem.

Supply Ship Blasts Off With Special Camera

Mar 1, 2005 - The 17th Progress cargo ship blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome yesterday, carrying two tonnes of supplies for the International Space Station and a special camera designed to inspect the Space Shuttle for damage. The Progress should reach the station by Wednesday, and dock in afternoon. The previous cargo ship, now filled with garbage, was detached from the station on Sunday, and will reenter and burn up in the Earth's atmosphere on March 9.

Cargo Ship Ready for Liftoff with Station Supplies

Feb 28, 2005 - An unmanned Progress cargo ship is about to blast off from Kazakhstan, carrying much needed supplies to the International Space Station. If everything goes well, the 17th Progress mission will lift off today carrying a variety of supplies: food, water, air, spare parts, and life support equipment. One important piece of cargo is a new digital camera that the station crew will use to inspect the space shuttle for damage when it docks.

Expedition 10 Completes Spacewalk

Jan 26, 2005 - The crew of the International Space Station are safely back inside after completing a 5+ hour spacewalk. During their time in space, Commander Leroy Chiao and Flight Engineer Salizhan Sharipov installed a $10 million German prototype robot arm which will demonstrate the feasibility of keeping a repair robot outside the station. Sharipov discovered residue on the outside of three vents that the station uses to expel waste products into space. This is unusual, and could be contributing to the recent problems with air on board the station. The crew of Expedition 10 will make another spacewalk in late March.

Crew Begins Unloading Progress

Dec 27, 2004 - An unmanned Progress cargo ship reached the International Space Station on Sunday, and the two-man crew got right to work unloading its cargo. Cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov and NASA astronaut Leroy Chiao had both cut their food consumption by 10% to stretch out supplies, and had each lost a few kg during the last month. The Progress ship is carrying 2.5 tonnes of supplies, including a 15kg (33 pound) gift package for each man.

Cargo Ship Launches with Supplies for the Station

Dec 24, 2004 - An unmanned Progress cargo ship lifted off from Kazakhstan over night, carrying much needed supplies for the International Space Station. Food supplies were getting low on board the station, so the Progress is loaded up with a 112-day supply of food, as well as water, air, propellant, and additional spare parts for the station. It's expected to dock automatically on December 25th to the aft port of the Zvezda living quarters module.

Additional Food Readied for Astronauts

Dec 13, 2004 - An unpiloted Progress spacecraft is being readied at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to ferry food and additional supplies to the crew of Expedition 10 on board the International Space Station. An additional 70 food containers have been added to the spacecraft's manifest to refill the station's onboard supplies. If all goes well, Progress 16 will launch on December 23, and dock with the station 2 days later.

Astronauts Running Low on Food

Dec 6, 2004 - The 2-man crew onboard the International Space Station are going to be rationing their food carefully between now and the arrival of a Progress cargo ship on December 25 which will be carrying additional supplies. It appears that these astronauts, and the previous occupants, have been eating more food than engineers were predicting. This next Progress flight will contain extra food supplies, but if there's a problem with the mission and the cargo ship is destroyed, Commander Leroy Chiao and Russian flight engineer Salizhan Sharipov may have to evacuate the station, as additional supplies can't reach them in time.

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