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Physics. Proving Einstein Wrong About Special Relativity: Page 2 of 9.

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telescope measures theory.
Any new theory, especially one as profound as this, needs to be proven. Therefore with a large radio telescope, that has been provided for. Simply point a telescope at the sky and wait for an eclipse.

A new piece of theoretical physics based exclusively around a new set of beliefs, which, even if I do say so myself, are about to rock the establishent to its very foundations.

Already two of the UKs top universities are locked in bitter dispute over the substance of such a remarkable breakthrough, arguments are breaking out allover the place, and the fur is up. At one extremely heated London meeting, two senior, very emenent, very respectable gentlemen even indulged a shoving match, and were eventually separated by security. To say this intriging piece of postulation is about to throw the whole of academia in a flat tail spin, is an unerstatement. Howls of condemnation are heard along the hallowed halls, and in one case, a student was threatened with expulsion if they speak futher about the mechanics driving this debate, even though the university invovled hasn't had the courtesy to forensically examine the theory. Yet, even with the toing and froing, there is one inescapable fact academia must comprehend: this is not just a theoretical hypothesis built on a fancifyl idea - but it is a carefully crafted hypothesis which comes complete with measurable pediction.

An ambit of prediction is included with in the finer content of the model, and the inclusion of such an impartial measurement quite simply means the idea must at least be treated with the genorosity it deserves. Science needs to measure, analytically what is proposed here for the sake of humanity if nothing else, or forfeit any right to challenge the said idea. The reason is easily explained: if this piece of theoretical physics is proven right, it will not only explain former ice ages, but show the next ice age is no more than a stone's throwaway. Quite simply mankind might be on the cusp of a cataclysmic death, his world wasted into feeblness, perpetual darkness, and the extinction of his species. Be warned, what follows is not for the weak minded or those easily scared.

So what Is this newly found piece of science which could resign everything we know about special relativity to the bin, and hereld humanity's demise? For decades, the Michleson - Morley experiment has given every indication of light being a constant, measured at approximately 186,000 miles per second in a vacuum just as Einstein predicted. However, it's this very experiment which might have led the human race to its greatest failing, and not grasp the real magnificance of the laws of physics. The imponderable with the 19th century test being, the experiment itself was measured from a body of mass: planet earth. It has a fatal flaw. In my belief, it's this astounding irregularity that has somewhat led to a false evaluation of light's true velocity. These guys screwed up big time, and by doing so, humanity has neglegted its duty to the wider population of our planet, failed to see why we don't currently detect other Planets via a Doppler registration, and undermined our whole evaluation of the universe itself. To preoccupied with its own overblown status, academia may have conducted the gravest deriliction of duty ever witnessed, and resigned humanities future to the waste bin of existence.

As the respected American philosopher and theoretical physicist, Kieth Pritchard said at a seminar in London not so long ago: "My God, if this is shown to be accurate, then what lies in store for us is so frightening, it doesn't bear thinking about." What I decided to do, after years of diligent searching for a credible alternative to Einsteinian special relativity, was to change the place at where light first originates. Although it might seem obvious that light emits from a star, as Einstein himself believed, it doesn't seem very logical.

Why would light travel to us if it first emits from a star, and not simply escape and be lost to the ether of space?

With the thought eating away at me, I decided to look for a theory which appeared more logical, and eventually decided to choose an arbitrary point for light to first appear. A point of light equivalent to any two bodies of mass, and determine a point of force between both bodies. Initially, it seemed absurd, laughable even. But then again, any new postulation always does, especially when the results of such theory turns everything we already understand about the laws of physics and the mechanics which drive them, on their head. But it needed to be done, regardless of the hostility it would encounter when first made public. This idea was too big to be ignored or left alone, especially when mankind's future depended so heavily on it.

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