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Early Britons and Romans Page 3 of 7.

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Early Britons and Romans
Early Britons and Romans

During the sanitization of the Native American Indian peoples, the early press branded them as savages, just as the Romans did with the early Britons, just as the Nazis did with the Jews. Scare stories disseminated among the new settlers. These barbarians will rape your women, murder your children in their beds, scalp your men: buya gun, do everyone a favour, shoot a savage!

The fact modern America would never have emerged as a country if it wasn't for the selfless pursuit of the tribal Indian who showed those who disembarked the Mayflower and settled in James town seems neither here nor there, even though they have Thanksgiving to remember the first years survival.

To modern America the native American who helped them establish their people is cut completely from the equation, and their noble place in history considered irrelevant, apart from the continued exploitation of product placement. And this systematic ethnic cleansing, which naturally shows history from the perverted vision of victor's eyes is not something which should be neglected or overlooked when we determine historical evidence of any people, anywhere in the world. Without the contribution and instinctive survival skills of the native American Indian, those early settlers would have withered and died.

For modern consumption Hollywood churned out movie after movie. Each showed the native American Indian in a very negative light.

People of my generation grew-up on a diet of cowboys and Indians, good guys and bad guys, where the naked savage on horse back with a plume of feathers was always portrayed as the anti-Christ. Homesteads were burnt, women ran screaming into the fields, babes in arms, while the brave, heroic menfolk took up positions with their Winchesters and heroically cut the savage down, until the last few bullets, which of course they obviously saved for their woman and children, because the prospect of falling into the hands of the savage was quite literally a fate worse than death.

What these dirty savages would do to them didn't bear thinking about. Where's the. Red Indians achievement or historical mark on the country they inhabited for tens of thousands of years before the first early European settlers arrived? Noticeable by its absence.

And please, don't get me wrong, I'm not having a go at the Yanks, I'm merely pointing to the obvious so we can use a tangible model to explain the past. If the Germans had soiled our beautiful country in the summer and autumn of 1940, the outcome for the British people would have been very similar to what it was for the native American Indian, the Jew and countless other indigenous peoples around the world.

Does anybody believe with columns Of black clad, flame carrying Storm Troopers marching down the Mall, the band in front of them playing Oompah-pah music, the heavy stomp! stomp! stomp! of Nazi Germany jackboots, the blood red banners with white circles and black swastikas, our history would have fared any better? Of course not. Look at the people of the former soviet union who removed any trace of Starlin or Lenin when communism died, look at Iraq and the falling monuments of Saddam Hussein, and although this iconology is removed by the indigenous population, do we think an oppressive army wouldn't have undertook the same task themselves. We know what the Romans were like.

It was they who were the savages, not the peace loving peoples they conquered.

Nailing defenceless people to crosses was a national pasttime for the Romans, as was forcing them to fight as gladiators in the Arena, dragging them kicking and screaming into slavery or feeding them to the lions. So why the hell should we accept one empty word the Romans say in their obituary of subjugated lands and there masses. Quite frankly, the Romans couldn't be trusted to do anything, except that which was in their own imperialistic interest.

They were like the American settlers of the eighteenth century: greedy, obsessive, prepared to slaughter anything in their path and then promote a relentless black propaganda campaign to justify it.

With the early Britons trading goods to a central European mainland, we have to comprehend the efficiency of their farming techniques, and ask how long these modern techniques might have been in place before the Romans arrived? The consensus of opinion among most historians, is they date back, in some shape of form approximately 6,000 years.

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