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The initial model built suited certain academics, and with some fine tuning a progressive approach was delivered. Science had its Holy Grail, and religion was about to take the largest step towards the abyss it could ever imagine. In fact, religious belief, especially that of God entering the universe was about to be resigned to oblivion forever. Or at least until they read what I have to say here, for I will show another mechanism to start creation, so perfect in comparison with a Big Bang singularity that it literally contridicts modern and established thought.

If, as science suspects, all of creation came spewing from the one place, in some Dantean sea of fusion, then religious ideology is no more than worthless, in everything except the imagination of fanatics who seek solace from the reality of everyday life; its trials and tribulations.

Yet apart from this low audible hiss, what one may even term an echo, there is indeed very little supporting evidence to suggest a Big Bang singularity ever did take place. Some might even call this supposed event, the concept of men's imaginations.

But for us, there is one fundamental flaw that instantly leaps out at you: There is no cause and effect with Big Bang belief. One might even term a Big Bang singularity flawed from its initial outset, for without this very elementary process, cause and effect, it becomes extremely difficult to find any reason why any event might happen at all.

This may seem an insignificant problem, but if we pose a few questions on the subject, you can see yourself just how difficult it could be to sustain a supportive argument to continue with Big Bang theory. And it is just a theory, regardless of the passion of those who support it.

We'll now pose them questions, and then investigate the answers raised, individually, afterwards, to show our concern at the lack of substance this debate entails.

(i) Before a Big Bang singularity took place, the universe must have condensed all universal material: What did it condense from?

(ii) If indeed it did condense, then surely a Big Bang singularity must logically be a second movement, as composing would become its first.

(iii) How could all matter condense, especially if our universe is infinite, as this would be an infinite task?

(iv) Why did this detonation take place at that point in space and time with no contributory factor to trigger the said event?

(v) How could a point ever have been chosen for a location of universal material, as logically, all points in space and time must be equal?

(vi) Even if a Big Bang did happen, what does it expand in too?

(vii) How can you compose Quantum Gravity, (big gravity released as discrete quanta), so a universe may naturally unfurl?

(viii) Would gravity continuously exist if all events were triggered simultaneous, with an absolute ubiquity?

(ix) Where is all the missing mass in the universe as we currently detect less than 2% of it?

(x) How can you have time, unless of course you first compose it?

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