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And so, we move continuously on in our pursuit of the truth, if one can dare call it that at this juncture. We have demonstrated the problematic area involved in showing consolidation, and the definitive principle of any infinitude. We suggested this idea no more than cheating, although we never used that word lightly.

But suppose for just one moment we were to be generous, and offer a system where we support science in its task, and agree, all universal substance might have a locality, that place proposed as a point where a Big Bang occurred. We might resurrect an argument at that time, and demand to know, how any infinite place could exist, even under the laws of logic? For if this position in space and time is infinite, then it must naturally take an infinite period to produce it.

Therefore, we create a self fulfilling prophecy: Any infinite point would take an infinite journey to complete, and thus never could initiate a Big Bang or any other action, as the ability to locate itself would inevitably take an eternity.

And so, even if we attempt to be generous, over generous in my opinion, we reach another dead end where space and time become no more than a perverse contradiction. And really there is no arbitration with this belief, as the entire structure is based on ironic subterfuge, where debate has been bartered for a cheap way forwards.

Nevertheless, science tends to defend its theories with some vigour, and try a meretricious policy to either hoodwink, or baffle ordinary members of the public into accepting a policy most would not wish to subscribe to: Atheism.

I'm afraid I have to say it, but part of the rapid decline of the church is down to modern physics, theoretical physics and science. We must assume, as the church, its biblical teaching and protestations remained prevalent for thousands of years, something dramatic must have happened in our not too distant past.

But to only blame science is disingenuous. The church has to accept responsibility as well, for although theology has continuously tried to promote itself, it has done very little to defend itself. And that really is a shame, because there is plenty it could have done, if it had just taken the time and trouble to analyse what it preaches.

And so, with science allowed a free reign at universal theories, the church has somewhat languished in the doldrums recently.

It would appear today, that sciences' dispensation, has a far stronger message attached to it than the churches ever will, simply because science deals with tangible evidence where possible. And people are more inclined to sponsor that which they see, rather than that which they hear. That's why, as we continue with this theory, it becomes imperative to lock-in equations and predictions where necessary. But we will facilitate matters for the sake of the reader. As I said before, and to reiterate, any theory is only ever as good as the amount of people who understand it. There would-be absolutely no point in writing a paper no one comprehends.

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