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Political Thriller - Ten Years Since The Revolution by PM Crowley.

Political Thriller Ten Years Since The Revolution at Amazon.

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The stunning new novel by PM Crowley.

The contemporary political thriller - Ten Years Since The Revolution was born of a prophetic quote. Jaspers wrote of the Holocaust: "It was possible for this to happen once, it remains possible for this to happen again-at any minute." A germ of inspiration fermented lucidly in the author's imagination, could there ever be another fascist government; like that of Adolf Hitler in the Western World? Would another mad despot really rise to power? And if he did, what would be the world's reaction? Would the world rally together, or cower cravenly at his omnipotence? With the emergence of the far-right, anything is possible, and so, from a fictional prospective the author cleverly created a plausible scenario where, through political inaction, ignorance and contempt for the electorate, the United Kingdom explodes in revolution. The people of Britain desperately seeking a strong leader, back the notorious xenophobic right-wing British Independence Party. With its leader, Field Marshal Bullit's admiration for all things Nazi and Aryan Britain replicates Nazi Germany's darkest period: excessive military build up, belief in a pure society, propaganda and scant disregard for anything or anyone who stands in its way. With their infamous secret police, The Secretariat murderously hunting down subversives and dissenters, Britain will never be the same again.

Ten Years Since The Revolution is told candidly through the eyes of Michael Kline, Minister of Propaganda and Media Affairs. Kline offers a brutal, non-linear snapshot of the past ten years, the ten years since the BIP violently seized power and created a one-party state. With world opinion treated with contempt, the BIP structure an autocratic regime. Ten Years Since The Revolution does not seek to patronise the reader, nor preach a message either for or against fascism. It merely seeks to tell a story from a fictional point of view. As a warning! Ten Years Since The Revolution does contain descriptions some people might find repugnant; but descriptions which are necessary if the story is to be believable. You cannot create a fascist storyline unless the story and characters act in a fascist manner. To attempt otherwise would be fallacy. The characters in the book are what they are, and proud of it, just like the Nazis were. Their fanaticism is only exceeded by their barbarity. Human life to these people means very little, and the views of others means even less. Therefore the reader should be aware, this fictional novel does contain scenes of genocide, mass murder, torture and violence. But in mitigation defends its powerful narrative by explaining, every event within the work has either happened in the past, or still takes place somewhere in the world today. The book might be fiction, but the events, both historical and present are not.

It would have been easy for the author to construct this work from a politically correct ethos; violins, empathy and heavy bent towards the callousness of it all. But he doesn't. That would have been too easy. The author instead seeks to create a narrative reflective of the German population during the Second World War; that period of triumphal nationalism where the embodiment of the state meant more collectively, than the fundamental rights of the people, individually. Very artistically he strips any semblance of emotion from the reader, and replicates that Teutonic arrogance conveyed during that dire period between the world wars, so even as these barbaric atrocities take place, the reader feels very little or nothing for those on the receiving end of the state's relentless Aryan programme. The reader will be shocked at their lack of sympathy for the victims. This is all part of understanding how the fascist government of Adolf Hitler could do what it did, and how it could so easily happen again, at any minute. Never does this book attempt to lecture the reader with a politically correct ideology. Quite the contrary, Ten Years Since The Revolution assumes people who read literature are already very intelligent by their nature, and instinctively known the difference between right and wrong: they do not need the author to tell them.

Considered one of the most controversial novels ever written, Ten Years Since The Revolution is an insight into mankind's beastliness and them cruel epochs he so easily embraces during the unstable periods of his own turbulent history. If you are easily shocked, or fearful of what really could happen in future, based on a historical model, stay well away from this book. The truly frightening fact of this very eloquent work is the fact, as Jaspers said: "It was possible for this to happen once, it remains possible for this to happen again-at any minute."

But what you can always deduce from the structure of this literary masterpiece is; fascism by its nature is evil. Read it if you dare.

Ten Years Since The Revolution Available for download on Amazon Kindle.

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