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south.) After making their way out across a tapestry of interwoven fields, "tree-hoping" as he called it, they fell down to sea level once across the white cliffs themselves. He told me their plan was to fly low, identify targets overhead, then lift up towards them firing and banking on their ascent. At that point they would continue, rollover behind them and then simultaneously attack them again, only this time swooping down on them as the evening Sun shielded them from behind. "We must have been about a mile out to sea, not far off the sea itself, when my wing man pointed to three silhouetted objects just up-ahead. We could see their bulk, larger than any normal bomber we had encountered before, and flying a V-formation."

He insisted, at that point, he gestured with a hand signal, and the attack was on! Two brave little Spitfires with no more than machine guns between then commenced their spirited attack. They gradually lifted in a diagonal pattern, their speed increasing as they did. He informed me that when you are in an fast moving aircraft, attacking at an angle you do not really have that much time to think.

The aircraft is constantly moving, and there is no option to wait and assess the situation fully. Once you decide to engage the enemy, you're going to make at least one approach, he assured me, his voice laden with confidence. He said that he personally engaged the three craft first. He told me it was difficult on that first run, as the shapes above him, and off to the right were only seen as black triangles.

"I went in, guns blazing," he says, almost with a cheeky boyish smile. "There was no observation of fighters in the immediate vicinity, and I remember thinking to myself this would be like shooting rats in a barrel." His aircraft made its first run, passed directly in front of three anonymous objects firing, and strafing its target as it passed. "By that time I had passed them at nearly 400mph, and you don't get much opportunity to identify them, although I recall thinking their size and shape unusual." He explained to me how he continued, rolled and came back at them with his colleague in close formation.

The pair of them were now higher than the three unidentified targets and descending on them falcon fashion. "I opened up," he continued. He said at that point they simply vanished, the three of them gone. They just disappeared as though they were never there, he added, more sombrely.

I just listened amazed as this recollection continued unabated. He told me how they instantly pursued them, but admitted it is difficult to pursue things that you can no longer see. He said it was more procedure to placate those back at base.

They broke off a methodical search some twenty minutes later and returned back to camp. They reported the incident to their commanding officer, and offered full and explicit details of the events as they happened. The response he and his colleague received was swift. He was told in no uncertain terms to keep his mouth well and truly shut. His commanding officer insisted they were probably top secret German weapons, and it would do moral amongst the people no good whatsoever, if it was undermined by events they had no control over.

This gentleman told me he thought the advice made good sense. At that point neither he nor anyone else had any inclination as to extraterrestrial UFOs activity as we do today.

He never mentioned the subject until some fifty years after the war ended. He always said it was their littje secret, and it is only high UFO activity now that has led him to mention it. He still wishes to this day to remain anonymous, and insists people from his reunion section might question his sanity if his name was published, therefore I shall respect that wish, and simply thank him for his valuable contribution to these pages in private. So were they what we call, UFOS?

The real problem is, no one actually knows. A lot of people in today's modern society would say not, and they would promote that belief through a scientific hypothesis. One of the real difficulties in assessing any possible UFO activity is the scientific preponderant's that envelope it. Most writers whom actually seek to investigate this subject fail abysmally in their attempts to produce any logical explanations to surrounding events. In fact, if you were to read any

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