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rather complex laws that need to be re-equated if any sense is to be made of an observer's claim about ufos. The first thing science might ask any individual is, where did this spaceship come from? Most people who witness an event might at that stage point out they are not privy to such information.

They would simply describe the event again, and claim they know what they saw, when talking about ufos. Science at that point would then describe to that person, the observer, why they are probably wrong and why, what they saw would be a terrestrial object that would have a logical explanation.

To understand this we have to explain candidly where necessary Einsteinian special relativity.

This basically means the velocity of light is a constant in a vacuum, as we mentioned before. Many years ago it was assumed that if you measured light against an ether permeating our earth, it would show discrepancies in its movement. It becomes a touch like walking with the wind, or walking against it. If light was therefore fired against an ether it would struggle to progress, but if you fired light with an ether, allowing it to progress with the flow, it would move faster. But when light was released both into, and against the ether it showed no difference in its velocity. Therefore it was concluded there was no ether, and light itself remained a constant in a vacuum. That is now recognised as a mathematical (c). The (c) basically means (constant!) This travels at a known velocity of 186,282,397 miles per second: The distant light will travel in one second. Or you could say light from our Sun would take about nine minutes to reach us as it travels approximately 93 million miles to get here.

If we then assume that our closest star, apart from our own Sun is Proxima Centuri, about four light years away: The distance light would travel in that period we might think it would therefore take any alien vessel, moving at the velocity of light, four years to reach us. But if we momentarily imagined it was us making that incredible journey, and say we were arriving home today, we would say we actually covered a round trip of eight light years, there and back.

Therefore you might be mistaken in thinking we would have begun our journey eight years ago. But if we apply special relativity to the scenario we start to show how this event becomes perverse it itself, for every fifty years on planet earth, equates to only one month in space if the observer travels at the velocity of light. Basically, that might mean, if we journeyed to our closest star, proxima centuri, and never even stopped for tec and buns, but hurried straight back, then we might have begun our journey around the time they constructed the great pyramids as time for the traveller has actually shrunk in conjunction with those left behind on earth. But a contributory problem to this, might be any would-be traveller who attempted t plunge his accelerator from a relatively normal speed, to that of light.

An example might unfold like this: (As the accelerator was pressed the laws of gravity would naturally increase, the traveller would blackout, and his craft begin to violently shake. It might then quickly rip itself to pieces long before it ever reached the speed of light).

But if we momentarily imagine it could jump to that velocity at a precipitous rate, what might happen then? As our UFOs volume of mass instantly becomes infinitely dense, it would converge from mass to energy, or what Einstein termed: e=mc˛. And so rather than find a mode of transport, we might discover a new star located in close proximity to our own, or what we term, a Binary star produced in our own solar system.

And for this reason alone, scientists simply refuse to believe in ufology or Extraterrestrial life visiting our planet. They see this event as impossible, because the velocity of light, in conjunction with special relativity prohibits the event from happening, as we might understand it with today's delicate investigation into modern physics. As long as light travels as a constant in a vacuum, we must accept science has a very valid case to place forward. So people don't see UFOs then? Is there any evidence?

We didn't say that. What we said was, scientists don't particularly believe people. We have not discussed what we actually believe yet, for although science doesn't automatically believe these individual witnesses, we, where necessary rewrote universal law. Let's not forget we undertook an extremely

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