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difficult and complex task of rewriting special relativity to show how universal time might apply a parallel dimension to it.

In other words we diverged in to two explicit time dimensions to show time, and of course non-time, that dimension specifically built by us to remove special relativity from the equation.

We also in our previous chapters showed why we would not see Planets register around other stars, and showed how Planets themselves, through an evolutionary process can become a source factor for other life forms to originate from. For let us not forget, even when we make it possible to travel such vast distances, at. such high speeds, we also need to show other life in the universe beyond our own small world.

But what we should do, before reiterating them laws that allowed us such luxuries, is quickly inquire as to what made us so hostile towards sciences perceptions in the first place? Why did we decide to believe observers rather than academics.

The reason this came about was more from fun than anything else.

When anybody tells me a thing is not obtainable I automatically look to see how one might obtain it. I have this element locked inside me that simply refuses to believe certainties unless I have already evaluated all other possible routes. For years now space has fascinated me. I remember being about eight years old when the moon landings begun, and standing in the living room of a friends house, as we watched awe inspired a collection of black and white footage gradually build through his old television set.

With such poor reception it appeared as though that Apollo capsule was landing in a snow storm. But what difference does that make when you are eight years old and men are landing on the Moon for Christsakes. Like hundreds of millions of other earthlings I watched as Neil Armstrong took one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Brilliant I thought.

Totally amazed; we had ventured forth into space - and for the next dozen weeks there was so many six to fifteen year old astronauts on our council housing estate you could not move more than a dozen paces without tripping over one. Children moved bodies in slow motion, and everyone at my local school was forced to build rockets.

I personally emptied Mum's washing-up-Iiquid bottle down the sink premature, just so I could have that empty, plastic container. It made absolutely no difference to me whatsoever that the drain outside looked like mount Etna, with fountain's of foam rising from it every time someone flushed away some water. At school my washing-up-Iiquid bottle, along with everybody else's toilet roll holder was skilfully crafted in to a magnificent rocket and displayed proudly for all and sunder to see.

By the time I moved towards my early teens Star Trek and Dr Who? permeated our television set, and the conditioning was on. By the late seventies we were watching Blake's seven and Battle star galatica. We progressed into the eighties with star wars and ET and marched conclusively forwards to the nineties and the X-files. What I suffered was two natural things. I was entertained with enthralling sci-fi programmes, wonderful special effects and imaginations bordering the sublime) all translated into epic adventures on screen. But the problem with that is, although on first assumption it appears fantastic to have all of these wonderful programmes, no one ever extended the time or trouble to explain the very complex details of the universe itself.

I remember hearing a scientist say in the early seventies, "that if you wish to have extraterrestrials visiting planet earth, at least have the decency to rewrite special relativity." They progressed from that on my television screen to debate the fundamental flaws of sci-fi programmes and the reasons why UFOs could not get here.

I was mortified. I, for so long had been living with this screen image; Neil taking his first step for mankind, captain Kirk zipping around the universe, and suddenly one man had spoiled the whole thing with this interfering little subject called science. I still remember today, as though it was yesterday going to the library and withdrawing an encyclopedia on the universe: illustrated version of course. I took that book home and read it from cover to cover. I could not believe it at first, these were the postulates that had obliterated my faith in discovery, and slowly I began to accept what this book

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