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was telling me, although reluctantly. But with that came a curiosity; if so many people kept seeing these strange events which took place around them, how could they all be wrong.

I was now versed in the complexities of science and cosmology, I knew its intricate and delicate detail, but I still could not fathom how so many individuals, at so many different periods, over such a long duration could witness so many different events, all surrounding alleged UFO phenomenon? It just did not make sense.

I began in later years to watch academics tear themselves apart with the very difficult job of trying to decipher this enormous problem. They came-up with everything from television which created a false interpretation, to dreams, to mass hysteria. Most of the arguments were ill-founded and based on assumption.

There was nothing to suggest tens of millions of people had suddenly started to see UFOs simply because they were on tele'. Nor was there anything to suggest people observed UFO activity because the subject matter was increasing on the magazine racks.

As we said initially in this chapter, an old fighter pilot I spoke with chased and attacked unidentified traffic back in '44. He had not witnessed television or science fiction programmes, nor had his wing man. Indeed what we had was a conundrum. Quietly I slipped away from the madding crowd and began to work painstakingly on a legible hypothesis on my own. As I previously mentioned, and to reiterate, breaking scientific taboos can be extremely detrimental to a career, can literally dry-up research grants and resign one's status to oblivion. Apart from a couple of very close friends I kep my mouth well and truly shut. I worked on my own after I had tended my resignation. Initially I approached this subject from a purely hypothetical direction. I started to try and place myself back in to the realms of those who claim to see UFO activity.

A great American philosopher, Thomas Khun developed many years ago what is known today as a 'Khun paradigm'. The basis of his work was to understand anything, you literally took a step back, and analysing it from an alternative prospective. It was reminiscent of that old Red Indian aphorism about you don't know how I feel until you have walked a mile in my moccasins. What he actually meant was rather than see a problem through your own eyes, view it through another person's.

This I started to do. purchased every UFO magazine I could find, watched every piece of sci-fi on television, including the junk, and believe me there's lots of that out there) and espoused this with a scientifically trained background. So what was the conclusion? Initially nothing too serious.

Like so many academics I began to relate the two; high observation of media based products and individuals who maybe wished to view events, rather than actually had viewed them. As I stood impartially on the sidelines I began to have sceptical doubts as to the validity of individual cases: They seemed to follow strikingly similar patterns. It was then I thought I would conduct some research of my own, rather than just read second-hand accounts.

I placed a small-ad in several well known UFO magazines surrounding this subject matter with a contact PO Box number, and asked anyone who had witnessed UFO activity to contact me. The response was alarming to say the least I trawled my way through a large stack of mail over the coming weeks and tried to extract the sublime from the profoundly ridiculous. Eventually I came up with four solid names, associated to respectable people and decided unde that premiss to investigate further.

I first contacted a person named John, Obviously that is not his real name, as my investigation was conducted surreptitiously, and no insight to my real in-depth questioning was offered. He only knew I was interested in researching UFO activity, but not to what extent. John is a married professional who lives with his wife and three young childrer in the south east of England. He works as a local GP and is a very well respected pillar of the local community, He participates in both family and community activities and although not tee-total, John most certainly is not a drinker. He has no mental history, and said to me with a smile: "I'm an ordinary bloke," But I would slightly disagree with that statement. For I did not see...

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