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Do you believe in UFOs and Aliens, Extraterrestrials and Other Intelligent Life? Maybe some of you do, maybe some of you don't. Who knows! But what we do know is, somewhere beyond our own mortal coil, secreted in the never regions of space, probably lies an infinite amount of other worlds.

It would be ridiculous to believe, that among all of those billions of stars, there isn't at least a proportionate amount of other worlds: some more advanced than us, others less advanced than ourselves, and a whole lot on a par with our own stagnated development. I say stagnated because I believe, when it comes to technological advancement on Spacecraft research, our endeavours appear at best myopic.

The leading proponent of Solar System research down here on planet Earth is the US space programme, NASA. Nasa's space programme consists of a shuttle, a few old rockets, several extra planetary probes and a space based telescope (Hubble.) Apart from that, the amount of kit deployed is negligible. What a poor, sorry state of affairs, when we compare our progress to that which is visiting our magnificent world. Round craft covered in lights, sleek black triangle craft lit in each corner with orbs of bright red light. Weird shaped long sausage type vehicles which hover in the night sky, abduct humans and take them away to commit the most unspeakable acts upon. Bodies probed, samples taken, memories distorted. Some victims claim the abduction process continues over, and over again, small grey humanoid type Aliens visit them in the dead of night and show precious little courtesy for their feelings or the psychological damaged caused.

Some people claim their lives have literally been destroyed by these most blatant acts. But how true are they? Are the witnesses to this strange phenomena telling the truth, making it up, or simply misguided?

A lot of academics argue that the amount of UFO sighting's has only increased over the last few decades because of the advent of science fiction films on television. With TV shows like StarTrek, DeepSpace Nine and The Next Generation, and the abundance of B/W cult classics from the fifties and sixties, with wobbly music and cardboard sets, members of the public are more inclined to make reports of strange lights in the sky, huge metallic objects and strange creatures seen lurking in the shadows. And in some respect, I agree with the belief that these reports have increased due to the aforementioned television and sci-fi movies. But does this give scientists the right to categorize all claims in the same genre, and conclude all UFO sighting's, and claims of extraterrestrial activity and UFO phenomena are bogus?

The first thing we have to remember when investigating this strange unearthly phenomena is, out of all of the tens of millions of sighting's of weird, unexplained activity surrounding our planet, it only takes one account of these extraordinary events to be accurate, and thus make the whole prospect of Extraterrestrial life a reality. Just one!

If we're honest with ourselves, we have to agree that there are a lot of cranks out there, lonely people who desperately need to embellish the truth to get noticed.

There are certain people with psychiatric problems who need to feel the focus of attention and simply stand out from the crowd, perhaps because they have failed to stand out in any other way. That's not me putting people down. It merely happens to be a fact. But what we shouldn't forget, is there are an awful lot of decent, credible people from very respected occupations and professions who have no reason to lie or embellish the truth: police officers, airline pilots, doctors, lawyers and other professionals from the military and civilian establishments who have recounted very genuine accounts of contact with those from another world. Should we dismiss them all?

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