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UFO activity and Extraterrestrial life. Page 2 of 50.

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One of the first sighting's of UFO activity in England doing something it shouldn't be doing in the sky, in broad daylight, came from a farmer in England. The farmer hadn't been watching the latest batch of sci-fi programmes, listening to his local radio station or reading glossy magazines or detailed media accounts of alien life. In fact, the farmer reported a "strange round metalic object hovering over his field" in the late seventeen hundreds, before television and radio was invented, before newspapers even considered the possibility of other lifeforms from beyond our own beautiful planet. More sighting's from simple country folk poured in over the coming years.

From these early visitations in England, I think we can deduce that these honest, hard working, respectable people had no knowledge of alien life. They had no reason to gild the lily or report events they had no understanding of. There was no money to be money, no status to be gained. Just an impartial account of unexplained events that occurred as the went about their everyday business content in the knowledge, every day would be as mundane as the next. So what did they see? Those who claim a media association with what individuals see through our TV screens, might also like to consider the fact, ordinary people who wish to stretch the truth, tend to do so on the basis of reality, rather than a contrived or concocted Hollywood fantasy. Therefore, if as scientists, politicians, psychiatrists wish to believe, that these individuals are fantasises who wish to be taken seriously, why don't they construct their fabricated tales of extraterrestrial life on the basis of something much more plausible.

Why spinning alien craft covered in an array of flashing, multi-coloured lights, or deathly silent black triangles. Why don't they just claim to have witnessed huge rickets, some solidarity with the technology we use down here on planet Earth, so the public would strike a greater balance with the two? It would seem a more pragmatic approach, after all, we also see copious amounts of rockets on television, and know our own scientists use these as a way of investigating our own mysterious solar system. It would seem more logical to report some form of rocket ship if you wished to add substance to a claim when promoting a theory based on visual recognition.

It's something we can all strike an affinity with. But they don't: Why?

Perhaps what we need to do here, is not just look at whether those who make such wild, unsubstantiated statements about UFO activity and Extraterrestrial life are telling the truth, but why academia refuses to accept what these people say is the truth? Why does academia, and the powers that be treat these decent folk in such a malign and disingenuous way? Are the powers that be scared? Scared someone might let the cat out of the bag at what is really going on around us?

Has some sinister Alien species already made contact, threatened them with devastating reprisal if their secret is unveiled? Or do scientists simply realise their own feebleness in technological advancement, and refuse to accept the possibility any species other than them can create such technological wizardry, our own achievements are basically worthless?

One of the reasons why the very insular world of science refuses, point-blank, to have any truck with these repots of interstellar spaceships, mysterious lights in the night sky, intergalactic craft, Alien abduction or any close encounter of the first, second or third kind, is because, under the current laws of physics as we understand them, the prospect of moving a propellant object across the trackless voids of space is not feasibly possible. To any scientist, mathematician or physicist, the velocity of light is constant, (c) which moves at approximately 186,000 miles per second in a vacuum, and nothing, regardless of how superior the technology, may move beyond the speed of light. Let me just digress for a moment and demonstrate how this works.

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