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moment I spoke, the younger of the two, the constable disappeared through to the back, leaving a large, overweight sergeant to deal with me. I was polite in asking what was about to become some very delicate questions.

I could see behind his desk, through a doorway, an annexed room with 'cells' written above the door frame. I had no desire to end-up there for insanity, so approached my subject matter with caution. I complimented him on the village, and the friendliness of its people. He still remained suspicious, even though I was at this point smiling.

"And your business, Sir?" He said, directly.

He moved behind his counter and lowered a flap, just to show me it was now official. I mentioned people had been seeing strange lights in the sky, and other such activity. I even pushed my luck somewhat and suggested strange, solid objects as well.

I never suggested they were spaceships, or extraterrestrial vehicles of any shape, form or detail. He seemed to be a touch more helpful at that point, he even forced a smile through his portly features, saying: "You're from the DcSi, Sir, you should have said."

From the work I have conducted over the years, I did not need a clarification of the DcSi (Department of scientific intelligence), I knew only too well who these people were. In fact, I even knew members of it, a long time ago, admitted, I thought I would keep my mouth shut and play the game. "So these lights then," I asked him. He huffed and puffed a bit, before telling me quite a few people in the area had witnessed them, including strange configurations last night.

He shouted through the back to his young constable, for another cup of tea. I still refrained from mentioning I was not the person he thought I was. He told me there was a place, "a farm further down Poacher's lane that leads directly down to the old trout river. Turner's old place," he added. He said, dropping his voice to a whisper: "That last night they had a couple of youngsters in; courting couple I think. They were in the old barn down there when, according to them the place lit-up like daytime. Apparently when they went out to investigate, they saw some kind of object just sitting there above them. They described it as 'a huge metallic triangle'."

I was just about to question him further, as a constable placed me a large mug of tea on the counter, when two very official gentlemen entered that tiny police station. They crossed directly towards our position and offered identification as they neared. "Department of scientific Intelligence," said a man in his early fifties. A younger man, perhaps around the forty mark stood briefcase in hand.

A police sergeant gave me a very poisoned look, and asked me who the hell I might be. I told him. He did not look very impressed at that point, nor did the two other gentleman in the room with me.

They inquired if I had been asking about the weird events taking place around this location. Only they never used that expression. Obviously I was not taking notes, nor recording this prickly conversation, but what he actually asked was: "Was I making inquiries into military operations from the local air force base?" I told him, that I was investigating strange happenings in this part of the country.

He said the only strange circumstances to take place around here was air traffic from an RAF base farther down the road. A sergeant of police removed my mug of tea before I could touch it, and advised me to stay there.

Moments later I heard him out back on the telephone. His conversation was brief.

As I waited, I spoke with both gentlemen from the ministry. I asked them what type of new engine systems the research lab's had come up with? I was told it was none of my concern. "Silent ones, that should prove interesting," I said.

The older of the two gentlemen once again advised me it was none of my concern, only this time a touch more abrupt. I suggested to him, that I thought I was the only one working on the theoretical physics into time cancellation. He asked: "What the hell has the cancellation of time got to do with anything?" I thought, from the very seriously confused look on his face I had made a tremendous mistake.

I could literally feel all of my assumptions, and years of work just melting before me. If these two gentlemen did not understand the elementary theory I was teasing them with, then I must be way off the mark. "You want to...

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