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explain how you breech that Newtonian wall without cancelling time?" I asked him directly. At that point they exchanged tacit looks with one another, the older gentleman prompted the younger, and he inquired cautiously as to what appropriation the cancellation of time would have?

I scoffed at that point, saying; "Obviously whatever is up there is not yours then!" He looked taken aback, just like a man that had stumbled blindly into a well laid trap. And that term could not have been more accurately applied if it had been designed for him. If these gentlemen never fully comprehended them simple traits needed, then I naturally assumed they were way behind anything I was doing.

gravity is a remarkable beast, and if these two had not circumvented its most productive laws, then what John had witnessed, and those others in this location which were slowly emerging, then what we had on our hands was a very intricate set of circumstances no one fully understood.

These two men were impotent, not only to a craft's design, but the very basic laws which drove it. I remember thinking if these men were a reflection of any advanced concepts department, British theoretical physics was in trouble.

These gentlemen were still clinging to puerile nonsense from the most basic text­books. He asked me to explain my theories in more detail.

I told him to buy the book when published. I never have liked these puritanical type jobsworths that believe in secrets, they become the epitome of stifled debate and antiquated secrets that hold the rest of us back. A sergeant had returned and decided it in his interest to placate these men from the ministry. I was told sharply to take a seat: "Over there!" He insisted, as he pointed with his eyes to a small wooden bench in the corner.

I sat quietly keeping myself to myself as I waited to see what they had in store fore me. It must have taken about twenty minutes before a rather attractive woman, an officer arrived from the local air force base.

By this time both men from the ministry had vacated themselves to the rear of the building and spoke in small voices with both policemen.

I remember how polite this lady seemed as she entered the station, in her air force blue uniform, that appeared grey to me, but whatever. She stood at the counter, turned to face me and offered the most gracious smile I had ever seen. She was only in her late twenties, with brown hair neatly placed up, little make-up and very well mannered. She called out to the duty sergeant, just as I said he was in the back. She thanked me as she waited.

As the sergeant entered the room, he used a finger, pistol fashion to direct her in my direction. She smiled, apologising, and introduced herself. Her name was Caroline. I told her just to call me Peter. She informed me the station had contacted the base, and she was sent down to have a word.

I seemed genuinely pleased that Caroline had come all this way to talk to me, just because I made an indiscrete inquiry. Either Caroline had heard I was devastatingly handsome, or someone wanted to know what questions I had been asking.

Now I check the shaving mirror most mornings, and 1 would not term myself devastatingly handsome, therefore with my natural powers of deduction I assumed I had been asking questions I should not have been asking. She suggested the station was a bit cramped and maybe I would like to come along with her to the local RAF base for an informal chat, as she termed it.

She promised she would drop me back afterwards. As I said before, I was not rushed for time, and an invitation from an attractive woman was not beyond my remit. I told Caroline I would love to join her. We drove the short distance in her black ford, to a Royal air force base, the title I am not prepared to reveal, for although I hate cover-ups, names serve no logical purpose to this investigation; they only become a voyeuristic attribute designed to fill pages when there is no tangible or theoretical scientific evidence, therefore you will have to respect my wishes on that one. A lot of people I dealt with seern genuinely decent people, and I will not exploit them.

However, we drove through the main gates on to a modern complex. In the far distance stood a large display of hangers, runways and mainly, from what I could see, C130s racked up on the runway.

There was four Hawk jets in the distance, there wings laden with what appeared to be air-

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