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to-air missiles, although I could not swear to that. I am no military expert, but I am not stupid either. When you have long tube type objects with fins either end you would need to be a fool to believe them as anything else.

I pointed them out to Caroline, who briefly glimpsed from the car window as we passed, and said they were for training exercises later It was difficult not to believe her with the unintentional smile she had.

Her personality appeared a mile wide and I quickly began to understand why someone in personnel gave her this job. She pulled the vehicle tight on to a large, modern brick building that looked additional to this place. It was vastly more modern than the rest of the base, with its bright orange bricks and chocolate brown tiled roof that did not even appear weathered.

She opened a set of tall glass doors and invited me in. A corporal looked over to us but never spoke. Obviously he was familiar with Caroline, and seemed unperturbed be her presence.

She walked slightly in front of me, across an open foyer, along a bare brick corridor with just a few well placed pictures of aircraft, and directly to an end office. I expected her to knock and enter and me to be introduced to a senior male officer.

But that is just because I am a dinosaur, and politically correct employment has not caught up with me yet. Caroline just barged straight through the office door, telling me to come in as though the room her home. She moved directly to the far side and positioned herself behind a tidy desk.

She then invited me to take a seat. From large, already open windows to my left I saw the open expanse of an air-field, and the commotion that envelopes it beyond. "Right!" Said Caroline, that huge, perfectly white smile of hers placing me at my ease, if indeed I needed to be placed at my ease.

She sat there as if she expected me to open the conversation. I reminder her it was her invitation that brought me here, not the other way round. "Of course," she said.

She paused momentarily, lost her perfect smile, then piped-up more serious, that I was asking questions at the local police station? "In to strange activity. Lights mainly." I said, my retort kept short so as not to give too much away, too soon.

Caroline said a lot of people round these parts had seen flashing lights, objects in the sky. She made her observation almost jocose, as though I should smile at the idiosyncrasy of it. It was as though she suggested any credible witness eccentric.

I refrained from joining her. "But there is activity?" I inquired. She told me with an air force base in such close proximity, it might be difficult for people not to see traffic in the immediate vicinity. "Large black triangles!" I mumbled, and raised my eyebrows just for theatre.

Caroline appeared reluctant to discuss them, but admitted there had been American stealth bombers in the area recently: "For the Farnborough air-show," she said. I mentioned the B2 spirit and said how remarkable it was that they had now managed to make it sit still in mid-air. Caroline told me a lot of people had witnessed the American aircraft on its goodwill visit to Britain, and were impressed with the way it performed. "We had reports come flooding in from those who mistook it for a ufo.

From the nature of your inquiry at the police station, I take it you have done the same." She asked me bluntly: "Are you part of a UFO investigation group." I replied in the same blunt way, and perhaps a touch patronisingly: "I'm a theoretical physicist exploring the possibility of espousing the quantum principle and special relativity to literally cancel time, and thus hope to prohibit the velocity of light being a constant in a vacuum."

"Ah!!" She blurted, momentarily lost for words. She said wittily, she wished I could cancel that big clock ticking away lethargically on the wall.

I told her seriously, in space, with Newtonian equal opposites I probably could. Caroline explained that any information from the authorities would be similar whether I asked at the police station, the ministry or this or any other air force base. I told her I was fully conducive with a principle of repetition, and anything they had was of no interest to me.

In fact, I advised Caroline their denial was perhaps more beneficial. She asked me to expand. I said in my defence, that what an individual witnesses makes no difference, whether it's Joe Bloggs seeing superman, or Joe Soap observing a great big spaceship. What is

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