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important is how we ascribe the detail. Caroline relaxed back in her chair. She toyed with a gold pen between her fingers, and then asked me why it made no difference what they said to be unimportant? I got the impression at that precise moment she felt disappointed, as if I had undermined their importance in the matrix of things.

I spoke with her honestly. It was true to say I was not pushed for time, but I never did like to pussyfoot around, it annoys me. As she listened intently, I informed her that those two gentlemen at the police station understood little, if anything of what would drive a vessel across the universe.

At that point I could deduce the air force does not have the technology to build such a craft. On the other hand, I continued, to show such a craft exists, I need to corroborate individual stories.

"What do you understand about the laws of physics?" I asked her directly. I remember how she viewed me rather blankly. She conceded she was not that well versed in that realm, and asked me what it had to do with me interviewing individuals and asking questions? I huffed somewhat to my embarrassment.

I informed Caroline, perhaps a touch curt, that the laws of physics are a very well governed set of circumstances, although we might be misinterpreting them right now.

"What I want to do, is build a theoretical hypothesis based on what individuals see. At that juncture in time, I can re-equate a formula and put in place a specific set of predictions. If I am right, them predictions will be vindicated through a diagnostic, scientific evaluation. It's known as theoretical constructive engineering: TCE, for short."

She stared at me momentarily, perusing her next question. When she did finally speak, she said: "So it doesn't matter what I tell you?" She silenced and waited my reply.

Caroline never had long to wait. I explained to her the military could deny events until they were blue in the face, those that believe UFOs are here will simply not believe them. Those that do not believe in UFO technology will believe them instantly, and then there is people like myself, theoretical physicists who will only believe that which can be proven.

I explained further, and perhaps a touch frustrated, that to build a vessel of this magnitude you need to endorse a specific set of criteria.

"The first thing we have to do, is make it get here..." "If any such vessel exists!" She interrupted.

I said that observation was fair enough, but from the mountain of correspondence I had personally received, I was fairly convinced there was indeed something weird happening. She suggested the Stealth, B-2 spirit again, and I pointed out that cannot sit still in the air.

At that point any normal aircraft type as we understand it is totally out of the question. I advised her to look from her office window at those large green C130s lined-up on the runway.

"They have propellers at the front. It is that propulsion system that tells you what the aircraft can do. Put jet engines on it we might extend the range, increase the speed and make life a little more easier. All of that we could do with a writing pad or pencil, simply by observing the aircraft! You do not have to be a genius, most of it is elementary. Now, if I saw one of those aircraft overhead, with an approximate estimation I could tell you its potential. I could also tell you it will not explore space, or travel any significant distance.

However, if we rearrange the laws of physics, it might be possible, therefore I created a hypothesis, explored a mathematical evaluation and stripped time from the universe, then I replaced time back in as a different dimension. At that point I needed something that resembled a model I had constructed.

Part of that model had to be an ability of static hover. When I received letters, four of them to be precise, that all referred to a vessel seated 'rock solid' in mid-air, I assumed the hypothesis right. Nothing else could achieve it. It's impossible." I said, and eventually drew breath.

Caroline, I think, realised for the first time she was not sitting there about to fob off someone whom had witnessed an event, as I gussed she had probably dozens of times in the past. But she did persist. She tried treating the subject matter as a joke. She employed a tack usually used by people in tough situations, she patronised me.

Caroline was sticking to the B-2 Spirit on its goodwill visit to the UK. She said, her voice slowing: "It was a big black triangle, low and quiet."

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