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B2 Spirit: American Stealth. Page 24 of 50.

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she seemed to almost over emphasize the point, as though she tried to convince herself more than me, and who knows, maybe she was. I reminded her of the brief discussion we just had, and if how what John had seen was a B2 Spirit, I would be more than willing to eat my hat, with my head in it if necessary.

She looked flustered as I told her, rewriting special relativity was not an easy task, at the last count it took about fifteen years to achieve, and that was not even taking into consideration the amount of existing universal theorem one needs to consider before embarking on such an epic journey, I told Caroline, as I politely refused her offer of refreshment, that the theories I had constructed were not open to refute, but what I actually needed was a confirmation of their ability.

I informed her I could do that with theoretical thought experiments; all I really wanted at the moment was a set of solid, contributory factors, at that point I would deduce the effects of those basic postulates with a probability theorem. I told her it really wasn't that difficult to apply the two together, and although I conceded the point it not absolute at that stage, the principle difference could be extracted by using a Doppler to register that rise and fall of starlight we spoke of.

She still seemed of the opinion she had to convince me what John saw was not extraterrestrial. I told Caroline, if that made her happy, I was okay with that posture. After all she was such a lovely lady, and it seemed so indelicate to annoy her over what was in essence an irrelevance.

Regardless of how many fact sheets the Royal air force have on denying UFO activity, I am afraid that when a postulate is made, and both barrels are loaded with an equation and prediction, it's rather like accepting the inevitable. The only people at that point who can either confirm or denounce the theorem, is science itself.

An RAF memo declaring there was no traffic in the air, or American stealth bombers will not prohibit an event on cosmological terms. If that starlight lifts, then falls to its original position, not even God himself will stop it; although it seemed somewhat arrogant to say that. "So you believe me it was an American stealth?" She said.

I told her if that was the official line it was good enough for me. She appeared so relieved in me confirming what she wanted to hear, I felt it impolite to continue to push the matter further. I thought, even though Caroline a nice lady, there was very little either her, or her colleagues could contribute to the debate.

However, in saying that I would have liked to have spoken with any fighter pilot that might have chased the craft involved, if indeed they did, as their eyewitness account would have been useful. I asked Caroline to take me back to my vehicle, which she gracefully did.

I stepped out of her car, and looked back in. I said to her at that point, just to tease her; "Do you really understand why they fly triangle shaped vessels?" Caroline, momentarily off guard shook her head. I told her if she investigated the principle of symmetry in motion, she might then understand that a rotating triangle could gain twice the distance for half the weight, of a saucer shaped object.

I slammed her car door with a smile before she could speak, and thought of the other three people I had made contact with. Did you go and speak with them? Not straight away. There was a time lapse before I continued with the investigation in to UFO activity.

I was slowly building a case load, and as I say and to reiterate, had extracted four, what I considered very valuable sources. To read their individual letters was loaded with a deja-vu feeling.

I had deliberately made sure they were not from the same locality, or of the same name. These were four different people with absolutely no obvious connection. I felt when reading their individual accounts they had all encountered the same craft; their description was practically identical, and more importantly for me, the ability of that vessel was acutely similar.

Whatever inhabited that vessel was working, or maybe still is working a very precise, almost painstakingly methodical application to its task. It was selecting individuals rather than groups or couples, usually in rural or very rural areas, always in the early hours and always with a precision to its operation. Paula is a housewife, she

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