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had been subjected to this, what she termed "awful" experience at least twice, possibly three times. I asked her openly, as I drained the dregs of my tea, and looked expectantly for a second cup, did she ever feel there was any type of abduction to her experience? Paula lifted my cup automatically and asked tacitly if I wished another?

I agreed only too heartily; it had been a long drive and I had not stopped off en route except in the village. She explained, with her back to me, there was a terrible difficulty in actually knowing.

She said ever since that period she had constant dreams, and they normally left her feeling confused. "I sometimes feel they are in the house with me, in the dead of night," she added, as she handed me my cup back. I asked if she minded me smoking; one of my few bad habits, and with a relaxed smile she seemed relieved. She said, a touch more friendly she had hid the ashtrays before I arrived.

She retrieved her cigarettes, offered me one and found a couple of ashtrays. That cigarette and cup of tea together was a wonderful ice-breaker. We seated ourselves around a large kitchen table and spoke like conspirators hatching a dastardly plot.

Paula said she had not even mentioned this part to her husband Mike; but she came down the other night after dreaming of being on board some type of vessel. She exclaimed: "I woke about 3:30am in a cold sweat, all the lights were out except for a night-light in the hall. The boys can't sleep without," said Paula. "I rose to what I thought was a scratching sound, lifted from my bed and followed it down stairs. I hesitated half way down on the stairs and peered into the living room from over the banisters. Through the darkness, with just a cross section of sallow light glaring over the living room floor, I saw this thing scuttle away. It darted from one end of the room to the other at speed."

"One of the dogs," I suggested, trying to be helpful again.

Paula shook her head quickly. Her voice was now a whisper. She confessed: "It was upright, on two legs, and running! I thought it was one of the boys out of bed and he was trying to hide from me. At that point I chased down stairs angrily, and moved directly to where I thought it ran. I came in here and could see it hide between the sideboard and the worktop over there," revealed Paula, and pointed with her eyes for emphasis.

I automatically swung round in my chair, and viewed the location. It was tiny, possibly only a foot wide. "I could see it hiding there," said Paula, her voice becoming strong with emotion. "In a mood I just went over, reached in and dragged out what I thought was one of the boys. Suddenly, as I grabbed hold of its arm and yanked it out, there was this horrible screaming."

"Not one of the boys!" I smiled.

Paula took a deep breath, covered her mouth with her hand, and trembled somewhat. It took her a few moments and my soft voice to reassure her before she continued.

She said there was this "thing standing directly in front of me. I don't know what else to call it," admitted Paula openly.

I watched helplessly as tears instantly built in her eyes, turning them from an azure blue, to sparkling pools. They escaped without effort and streamed athletically to her cheek bones where they held momentarily before falling.

"Sorry," she said, and sniffled as she wiped her eyes with the back of her hands, each in turn.

I told Paula to take her time. I said there was no rush and she should progress at her own pace. Paula described for me what she encountered.

She said it was about three to four foot tall: "This frail little body and oversized head of oval shape. It had no hair, and its nose looked just like two holes in its face: Not like ours! Just a ridge with nostrils." She explained her experience using her hands animate. "There was a mouth, but no lips, just a hairline fracture, and the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen," whispered Paula airily. "They appeared to be begging me. I was going to shout for Mike, but something stopped me. Don't ask me what, because I don't know:" Added Paula emphatically before I could get the words out. I told her to continue.

She insisted there was an inner feeling to the whole experience, as though it almost spiritual. "It's eyes were so warm and hypnotic, and I felt it already knew me. Almost as though we had both had a previous encounter." I remembered what

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