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I raised with a struggle from Paula's kitchen table and watched her fret. She told me in no uncertain terms I had not done anything to allay her fears. I told her I would find out what I could from this Jack Spiller guy, whom Paula said she had never heard of, and return tomorrow for a chat.

She seemed uneasy with my statement, as though I was making an excuse, and then escaping. I assured her, I would return. Did you see this Jack Spiller bloke?

I most certainly did. I spent the rest of that afternoon driving around the local countryside just looking for any piece of evidence that might further my investigations in to productive UFO understanding, and the ability to move science forwards with clinical observations.

Most of the area was open fields, dairy farms and punctuated with crops of rape-seed. I found a large country estate, owned by Lord X, and decided to ignore the warning signs about trespassers being 'prosecuted'.

Most of the seat of one of England's landed gentry was made up of what appeared park land. It was very manicured with large lakes, deer roaming wild and the occasional farm stretched out on the periphery. It was at one on these, as I emerged from a large copse,that I came across my very first crop-circle.

Where the woods ended, farmland stretched openly for dozens of miles and fell with a gentle slope. I was looking down into a deep basin, and about half way down in a field of barley was a large, patterned area. From where I had positioned myself, I could witness the intricate detail, the wonderful design and precision of its internal workings.

Although they are called crop-circles because them first to appear were circle formation, this thing I stood looking down on was everything but a circle. Its very complex pattern reminded my of DNA.

It was strung out, and interwoven with a secondary pattern, that stretched for hundreds of yards. I could not help but think this a very delicate operation someone of something had under­taken.

I seated myself and enjoyed the summer sunshine that beat down from up high, and decided to unleash my mind on the problem. I relaxed back on one elbow and pulled a piece of corn grass which I instinctively sucked. I must have looked like a yokel there; either that or the village idiot, as I surveyed the gravity of this situation. I felt humbled to be in the presence of such a phenomenon, be it natural or man made.

It most certainly fuelled my imagination. What could have caused such a fragile response, and meticulous design? I first thought of a human involvement, that seemed the most logical assessment to make.

But I soon abandoned that idea; these complex patterns were vastly to thought out to have been anything a human could have tackled. The precise mechanics involved were methodical to say the least.

To have put together a system, so well engineered would have taken mathematical thought and a vertical observation. Whatever constructed this magnificent spectacle had aerial direction. But that does not necessarily mean it was alien, or from another world.

One of the problematic areas I have been researching myself contains the mathematical configurations of gravitational influences: And with­out complex analogy a simple explanation might just be to understand how things are constructed. We said this event was very reminiscent of human DNA, but if we believe that, we could also understand human DMA a very natural product.

Most appreciate its evolutionary nature, and can deduce it as natural event, although what might shape it is open to conjecture. We could perceive this event to have been created by an external force, but not automatically jump to the wrong conclusion. My mind was now deducing a gravitational application.

I was formulating a system of 'Ball Gravity', which might naturally fragment when it makes contact with our earth's surface, or a gravitational influence created from inside the Earth itself producing structural surface collapse. One theory I have spent many hours researching is the crater construction on the surface of other Planets and moons.

These are assumed by science to have been formed by meteorite peppering, yet from my own research I find it alarming the dark-side of the Moon is more exposed to those hostile inhuman elements of space, but carry less indentation than

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