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him I was particularly interested in certain events which surround this part of the country. Jack Spiller still appeared sceptical of my intent. He was cautious as I continued to speak with him. I suggested it might be more appropriate if we seated ourselves.

There was no one in close proximity of our conversation, but I personally always felt more comfortable in a secluded location; maybe that is a natural trait all us humans have, secrecy and secretive natures. I most certainly came across enough of it while researching this book.

At times I almost felt Britain must be the most paranoid country in the world. But Jack Spiller didn't seem to mind, he lifted an almost full pint of bitter and walked directly across to the table I had previously been seated at.

Jack Spiller, a big man seated himself clumsily on a small red stool, and waited as I positioned myself on a long cushioned bench. Jack rolled himself a thin cigarette, his eyes down, his concentration absorbed as I spoke.

I informed him I would be grateful for any information he could offer into those strange happenings that happen around here? "What strange happenings?" Asked Jack, his idiom heavy with country brogue. He raised his eyes momentarily into mine, and said: "You have to be careful round these parts, people don't like outsiders interfering." I explained my plight still further.

I said to Jack it was important for me to fully understand what might be happening if I was to make sense of it. Jack asked me if I meant spaceships? He seemed perfectly at ease using the term, more so than I was. I was still erring on the side of caution, but slowly coming round to some form of other life visiting our world.

All my research, painstakingly accumulated over the past years was steadily formulating a solid picture that suggested the event might after all actually be possible; and strangely I felt scared. There was a sense of foreboding in my body as I moved closer and closer towards understanding the insignificance of the human race.

The more I started to understand, the less important we seemed to become in the matrix of it all. I asked Jack if that's what he thought they were then, 'spaceships'?.

Jack said he honestly didn't know. He said they were large types of craft, with an uncanny application to pull very strange stunts. I asked him an obvious question. "Have you seen them?"

"I might 'ave," retorted Jack, his pint pulling from his lips. He said he saw lots of things when he was out of a night time, including funny shaped craft as he put it.

I inquired still further, as to what made them a funny shape. Jack said a triangle is a funny shape, and asked if I agreed? I informed him of my sources without revealing their identity of course.

I suggested they had seen triangle shaped vehicles too. I asked Jack what size he had identified these vessels as? Jack said it depends.

He said they were not all exactly the same. Jack said, his voice tiny, that some are reasonably small, "about the size of a family saloon, and others great big bloody things."

Naturally I thought Jack Spiller pulling my leg. I personally thought he said different sizes to throw me. I thought Jack Spiller a slippery character, he had been cautious in his retort to ensure he got it right, whatever size I said they were.

He finished his pint in one long swallow and placed his glass before me. I lifted myself and went to the bar.

I was beginning to think Jack Spiller's stories expensive. I took him his beer back then, and was about to speak when Jack himself spoke. He asked me just how important these things, as he called them, were to me? I scoffed at the incredulity of his question before telling him there could not be anything more important to me.

I never explained in detail, but the reason is, for the benefit of the reader, if they are there, the event is possible. There can be no greater vindication of a belief, than tangible evidence.

Jack suggested I might like to witness the event for myself as it unveiled. I began to get the distinct impression Jack Spiller was about to relieve me of some of my money. I asked him quite openly if this was going to cost me? Jack Spiller said he wasn't about to work a whole week for nix's.

I seemed alarmed. A week! I thought. I put that to Spiller. He lifted his pint, demolished at least a third of it and told me he did not have an agenda as to when these craft turned-up. He...

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