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Black Triangles. Page 37 of 50.

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started to dramatically change. We set-up our small hide as per-usual around the 9pm mark, carefully hid ourselves and waited patiently for events to unfurl. By this time I had become bored with the whole tiring exercise. I thought Jack had taken a pocket full of my money under false pretences; although I didn't mention it, and I had received nothing of real value in return.

Night slipped gracefully to a torpor, the smell of distant summer bonfires clung lucidly in the air and nothing stirred. By 2am I began to fall asleep.

To tell the truth, those last few nights, and subsequent days had taken their toll: I was dead to the world. I just longed for my bed.

Jack lay there on his stomach, his binoculars pressed firmly to his eyes, when he mumbled: "There!" My eyes sprang open, and I inquired verbally, in a soft voice what we had? Jack told me, and insisted from now on, no more talking. He used his hand to point forwards, low into the valley beyond and about thirty feet from the ground.

With the assistance of his binoculars, 1 followed the trace of Jack's pointing finger, and if I had not witnessed the event myself, I wouldn't believe it to this day. Ahead of me, and sitting static in mid-air was a small black triangle.

I don't suppose it was much bigger than a family estate car. As I watched it hang there, almost suspended in animation, a million different thoughts must have raced through my mind in a second.

I mouthed to myself, it must be military! but remembered thinking as I did, the military had no possibility to defy gravity, and that's exactly what this small black equilateral triangle, with its three tiny red lights, fixed at apex points on the vehicle was doing. There was no engine noise, just a high-pitched hum emitting from it.

I felt a second object appear from behind us. It glided in, low and silent over our hide, and eventually settled. Momentarily as it fell towards the valley, it looked as though part of the sky actually moved.

It was when it came to an abrupt halt, I realised it was a second craft, identical to the first, and now perfectly parallel to the other. They both sat side-by-side, their sleek, slender bodies slowly turning in a clockwise direction. I muttered an expletive at the sight before me, and instantly felt Jack's finger dig in my ribs.

I viewed him immediately, as a sharp pain inflicted my body. He lay there, one finger pressed hard against his lips, those large blue eyes of his through the darkness warning me to remain silent. I heeded Jack's threat as I turned automatically back in the opposite direction. There was now a third craft! Three perfect little black triangles, punctuated with nine blood red globes of light, suspended in animation. It felt surreal watching such a potent sight.

They defied everything: The laws of man, the laws of gravity and perhaps even the natural laws of our universe. I instantly recognised them for what they were: A high, technological superiority far more advanced than anything we as a species could imagine. They had an uncanny ability to glide when it suited them. They just skated so effortless, it almost sent a nervous chill rushing through my body.

What had I observed? Was it extraterrestrial? Man made? I don't know, my mouth was agape, as I savoured the moment. I must have watched them perform their ritual movements for about twenty, maybe thirty minutes, although I honestly don't know as I wasn't clock watching. And as I remained oblivious to all which surrounded me, I wasn't really ready for what happened next.

As I lay mesmerised by the view, a large triangular craft drifted over us from behind. The first I knew was a double feeling. I felt an unnerving pressure hit my body, and that of our hide.

A force pressed down upon us, almost as though we were being squashed. I sensed my body being crushed, but not painfully. It was more a fearful, uncertain feeling. Simultaneously a bright white light appeared just above me. Or at least that's how it seemed. In reality it must have been a good three hundred feet from the ground. Then two more white lights! placed parallel and twenty feet apart. Then two more, their distance still further apart.

It was only then I understood these individual, V -formation lights were all fixed to a larger vessel, and trailing in an obvious configuration along both edges of the craft. I lay there, my body petrified as an enormous craft, of unknown origin casually slipped its way over us. My eyes scoured the under belly, analysing a monstrous black shape, lit down...

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