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..we assume these vessels actually managed to perfect a system capable of defying gravity, we must ask ourselves two simple questions: Where did they come from? And why are they here? The first question is probably too profound to ever equate an answer. With literally billions of stars in our known universe, it could have originated from any one of them.

We already said we would not be able to witness other Planets because they would be hidden under that veil of universal secrecy by an exertion point, where we see a point of force rather than the star itself. But as to their mission, well that would appear obvious, basing our assumption on our own history. If we look back through our own troubled past, we see one of the main events was exploration. Mankind has an insatiable desire to explore, to reach out and understand other lands, civilizations and cultures.

If this is a natural inbuilt curiosity factor, I think we should also assume that any alien species will inhabit the same philosophy. I would think they just want to understand us, our world and what makes us tick. Could we really imagine that when one day we have craft that explore the universe, we won't discover new planets, other life forms.

When we do we will also collect samples, conduct experiments, and watch their natural behaviour. So I do not think we should be too quick to judge others that only do the same. From the individuals I spoke with, no one was harmed. That was comforting in itself.

Most felt disorientated, slightly confused, and perhaps a touch upset as to their experience. But none appeared damaged in any physical sense. Quite the contrary.

One person I spoke with even believed her life was saved by these, what she called: "Angels from a distant world".

Was she one of the other two people? Indeed she was. After my adventure with Jack Spiller, I travelled back to London. My body by this time had lost all desire to sleep.

I think I must have experienced an adrenaline rush for the next week or two. I was so hyped up about what I had witnessed, I found it very difficult to do anything. I couldn't write because my mind kept filling with images of them craft. I couldn't read because my concentration was shot, and every time I tried to settle, I simply found myself become more and more excited by events.

After a few days back home, those words Jack Spiller had spoken out in the field started to make sense. When I was being sick, and expressing my fears, Jack told me those soldiers I viewed added to the excitement. I thought at the time, he was mad, but three or four days on, with the danger passed, I understood his mentality. I had flirted with death, looked danger squarely in the face, and now wanted to challenge it again.

I experienced in those later days an exhilaration I had never felt before, and my God, did it feel good. For the first time ever, I really lived. Perhaps that is because most of my life has been spent with my nose in one academic book or another. One classroom or science lab, or joined in debate and argument with academics from around the world.

As Jack said to me on our way back: "You haven't lived!" And maybe Jack was right. Maybe I hadn't lived. But I do believe the wider population' desire for knowledge is more important than my own selfishness. As I was now spending each day pacing the room, waiting instinctively for my body to climb down from this natural narcotic, I decided to pursue the two other letters I had chosen. I first visited a couple in Manchester.

I took the train because I still would not trust myself behind the wheel for such a long journey, and booked in to a hotel on the outskirts of the city. Apparently, this couple, both in their late sixties had just taken their son to the airport, and were on their way home.

It was the wife whom had written to me, and she expressed in her letter at the time, how her husband was refusing to have anything further to do with their experience. Even though he did insist on contributing with the odd, acidic one liner during my conversation with his wife.

I arrived in Manchester late on a warm Tuesday evening. It was a lovely evening as I remember, and I made my way directly via black cab to my hotel. I registered and was shown to rny room on the third floor, where for the rest of the evening I prepared notes to ask these witnesses what they had experienced. As usual I was looking for a pure

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