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Imagine one of our closest stars, apart from our own Sun of course, Proxima Centuri. light from Proxima Centuri takes roughly four light years (the distance light travels in that period) to reach us. Therefore, if we advanced our technology, developed a spaceship capable of making this epic journey and visited Proxima Centuri it would take about four years providing our newly constructed craft could reach the velocity of light. If we made it to Proxima Centuri, said a brief hello, turned straight around, and were arriving home today, we might say the round trip took approximately eight light years.

However, we must remember, that light, or time as we might call it, under Einsteinian physics, shrinks: one month in space at the velocity of light equals fifty years here on planet Earth. This is known as the elasticity of time.

Therefore, our journey from earth, through space and to another Solar System to see the inhabitants of Proxima Centuri might have taken eight light years for the crew of the craft. But ironically, nearly 4,800 years would have past for those they left behind on Earth. If our craft was arriving home today then, they would have been enthusiastically waved goodbye by their family and friends down here on earth, and begun their epic journey about the time Stonehenge was under construction.

To explain this further, anyone who has seen the movie: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, will have noticed, when the big Spacecraft lands on top of the mountain, and they finish communication with synthesized music, the door of the craft lowers and all those missing people coming slowly walking out, with the blinding, incandescent white light behind them.

The guys from Earth stand mesmerised in their designer shades, and noticing the pilots of Flight 19, five single prop USAF aircraft which vanished shortly after world war 2, are still of youthful appearance, they comment: Einstein was right then. What they mean by the statement is, because of the elasticity of time, they've hardly aged at all, while we here on Earth are subject to a more highly accelerated decay.

Therefore, at that point, humanity might ask whether it's worth going to Proxima Centuri or not. Who would volunteer for such an epic journey, knowing full well, when they arrive home, maybe fifty or sixty generations of their family have been born and died. And the same problem would face any alien species who chose to travel towards Earth and visit us. The time frames involved are truly staggering. And that's not even to mention what would happen to a human body. If we draw an analogy with fighter pilots flying at Mach 2 need here on earth, we see the necessity to wear special flight suits which assist with the blood flow and allow oxygen to be constantly fed to the brain, who travel at less than 1400 miles per hour. And please note the difference between miles per hour and miles per second. If any would-be space traveller entered the capsule of their Spacecraft and hit the accelerator, then at three or four times the speed of sound, they would start to black out as the blood faces a restriction in its flow around the body. At six or seven times the speed of sound they would black out completely, lose control of the vessel and the craft crash to Earth in a big ball of flames.

But imagine if we were to change the velocity from six or seven times the speed of sound to the velocity of light. At such an accelerated speed you begin to comprehend how the pilot wouldn't just black out, but how they.would be spread about the inside of their Spacecraft like jam over a slice of bread.

Quite simply we'd have to scrape them off the walls. Although that might be somewhat of an exaggeration, because the moment they pressed the accelerator, the Spacecraft would move violently forwards, compress with an ubiquity, condense down to an infinitesimal size and fuse.

You wouldn't have a mode of transport, you'd have at atomic bomb. mass would quickly convert to energy at the speed of light, or as Einstein put it: e=mc˛. Now you can begin to understand why scientists at best treat any claim of extraterrestrial craft as bunkum.

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