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Alien Extraterrestrial life. Page 4 of 50.

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Another important factor for the academic community, and those who consider alien visitations and abductions as ridiculous, comes in the shape of planetary investigation. scientists argue, quite ferociously, that if other life in the shape of an advanced civilisation does visits our planet in an abundance, then we should, theoretically be able to see where they come from.

If we were to measure other solar systems with large radio telescopes, or large array's of radio telescopes, a Doppler registration should be detectable, and show exactly where these intergalactic travellers originate from.

But after years of searching the night sky with copious amounts of measuring equipment, nothing conclusive has been found.

In fact, the only evidence of planetary existence outside the remit of our own solar system, is several extremely large planets, which are considered by Astronomers to be large gas giants, similar in shape and construction to Jupiter, and incapable of sustaining any form of advanced life.

The consensus among modern day academics is, if there are no other stable, life supporting Planets around other more distant solar systems, then there is no other life out there able to make the journey here to see us at our illustrious home.

And so, even if we could skate around the imponderable's of breaching the velocity of light, and protecting the occupants of interstellar spacecraft, the Alien themselves would still need to originate from somewhere in the universe detectable by large measuring equipment here on earth: And so where do they come from?

One final argument from scientific community is based around the need to build a propulsion system to drive the said craft. A propulsion system which, even under the laws of physics seems impossible to construct. Therefore, the conclusion from academia seems to remain at best ambivalent. Those who claim to see Extraterrestrial life or their Spacecraft are simply mistaken.

Or at least they were until I came up with one new theory which circumvents all of the aforementioned. a piece of postulation so elegantly constructed, the mere thought of it frightens the life out of me.

I built a piece of postulation, complete with measurable prediction that can show why we don't detect other Planets via Doppler measurement, which breeches the velocity of light, which can protect the crew of any Spacecraft from the hostile forces of gravity, and simultaneously act as a propulsion system to drive the vessel to the velocity of light and beyond.

In fact it will drive a Spacecraft at any accelerated speed we wish, even from one side of the universe to the other, in the blink of an eye. With a unique contribution to the laws of physics, I've managed to satisfy all of the necessary criteria and prove unequivocally, that there is the potential to move Spacecraft across the distant voids of space and make the event not only possible, but quite plausible.

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