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Natural Explanation. Page 40 of 50.

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hypothesis to explain events about ufos and aliens that appear to have no natural explanation. I have always been of the belief, that a simple set of notes, clarifying my desires is so much more productive, than working from a purely extemporaneous manner. So next morning I set off, not really knowing what might greet me.

As usual, my own cynical nature was exposed as being no more than a fraudulent exaggeration of my own scientific mind. Because I have spent so much time working on universal theorem, I had become slightly brainwashed to more lateral thought. It's a habit that is very difficult to break, even when one has witnessed those said, more lateral events for one's self.

I took a taxi to a quiet little cul-de-sac lined with neat brick bungalows, and paid the driver. A tall man of latter years tended a well flowered garden as I approached down his drive. I greeted him as he stood, and introduced myself. He told me bluntly,! wanted his wife, and she was indoors.

He turned his back on me at that point and continued with his garden. I thought my presence was unwelcome, and wondered why they had contacted me if that was their attitude. Little did I realise at that point, his wife would be one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. She opened the front door to me dressed in a flowered pinny, her hands covered in pastry and her tone apologetic.

I was invited in. Inside her home was immaculate, as though painstakingly cleaned with some relentless passion. She apologised again, and made excuses to tidy herself. For five minutes I sat alone with my thoughts admiring the decor. Her husband passed through once.

I smiled as he walked from the front garden, out to the back, passing through the living room and by me. I automatically smiled at him, but was simply greeted by a retort. "The whole world's gone bloody mad!" He grumbled as he passed.

In some ways I thought him right, but that does not mean we shouldn't investigate. His wife returned, now in her Sunday best, and insisting I have tea and scones. I was more interested in getting down to business and catching the late, afternoon train back to London. But like most people I refused to cause offence. Mind you, saying that, I'm glad I did accept her generous offer, because those scones she offered me were the best I'd ever had. They were laced wrth fresh cream, and strawberry jam, and simply melted in the mouth.

I fed my face, only punctuating the food with an odd noisy slurp of tea from a china cup, as she told me her story. For the rest of this part, I will simply refer to her as Doris, although that, as usual is a name change. Doris sat there looking less disturbed by her experience than John, or Paula, who I previously spoke with. Perhaps that is because Doris was older, more worldly wise, or just prepared to accept what life had to throw at her.

Her husband now fussed down the far end of the room, his gestures messing with potted plants on a distant window ledge. Doris told me with a frown they had taken their son, Steven to Manchester airport. "He was on a late flight to America," said Doris.

And from the way she spoke, she was obviously very proud of her boy. Her voice seemed to inflate his personality as she mentioned him. "It was about 1am when we dropped him off," said Doris.

"1.30am!" Shouted her husband from a distance. "He had to book in by 2am:" He added, and sounded inconvenienced by the whole affair.

Doris continued. She explained that after they dropped their son at the airport, they headed home. They passed through the city, then out to a more rural expanse, before entering this area they lived in. "That's when the car broke down," insisted Doris, as she used a large white china teapot to fill my cup.

Doris said her husband, Colin (name change) left her in the vehicle while he went to find a telephone, and phone for help. "He must have been gone about ten minutes when I started to sense a presence," added Doris.

"You said the area where you stopped was countryside?" I enquired.

"Very open," exclaimed Doris, "apart from a line of hedgerow and large trees behind that. So the road was secluded either side."

I asked her what happened then?

Doris told me she was listening to the car radio, when ahead of her a strange light illuminated the road. "It was like a ball of electric blue light," insisted Doris. "It approached our vehicle, and just stopped in front of me."

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