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I asked Doris if she was scared? She told me she was more curious than scared. Doris inferred her attention was immediately drawn to a presence overhead; something she couldn't see. Doris said she leant forwards, showing me how, and then looked-up through the car windscreen to see a set of lights above her. "White lights trailing in V formation," insisted Doris.

Her husband mumbled, it was utter nonsense, and instantly felt the cutting edge of Doris' tongue. She told him sharply, he was not there so didn't know exactly what she saw.

He moved down to this end of the room and offered me a different version of events. He said that he had told his wife to remain in their car, only she wondered off. "Four hours it took the police to find her," he added.

"And my cancer!" Barked Doris, her tone curt.

I sat like a spectator watching, as these two elderly people constantly bickered about events. Her husband told Doris what the specialist had said at the hospital.

Apparently, as Doris explained to me, she had been diagnosed with brain cancer, and was given by the hospital a year to live. But after her encounter the disease had suddenly disappeared.

Doris had all the medical documentation to back-up her claim, which eventually she showed me. Her husband told me the specialist at the hospital called it: "Spontaneous regression." According to Doris' husband it can happen sometimes: What might be considered a fatal disease, suddenly does a u-turn and regresses; although it is highly unusual.

Doris told him he was talking utter rubbish. She insisted whatever was on board that spacecraft, had managed to cure her. "Nothing short of a miracle," claimed Doris.

Colin seemed distant as he removed himself. Doris confided in me. She said, after she peered through her windscreen, up at that spacecraft, her mind went blank. "The next thing I remember was two policemen talking to me at the side of the road, about a mile away from our car."

I asked her if she told them this tale? Doris said she explained in great detail, and explained it yet again to those two, very nice people from the government. I inquired as to what nice people from the government? Doris said a few days after her encounter, two people turned-up from the government. I asked her if she knew from which department they were from, but Doris said they were just from the government.

"A young woman, and a middle aged man," she recalled. I pushed her a touch further, asking if she could remember what questions they asked her? Doris said they asked very much the same questions as me.

"Did they ask about how the craft moved?" I asked, and made my tone sound cautious.

I was always very careful in talking to people like Doris, not to plant unintentional information. I have seen some Ufologists on television leading people to dupe an uninformed audience for a cheap round of applause. That was the last thing I wanted.

I wanted definitive theoretical evidence as to what was happening. With my strong knowledge of physics I knew for any spaceship to be here, it would have to perform certain functions, and those kind of functions to the untrained mind could not simply be made up.

Too many individuals who try to vindicate ufology, in the extraterrestrial sense simply do not have a well enough based understanding to even begin to deal with such a complex issue, yet that has unintentionally cast a shadow over these universal events.

From the four people I had chosen, certain events were beginning to emerge. In each case I had a craft that could sit static in mid air. The only thing that can do that, as we understand it, is either a helicopter or jump-jet. And the only thing that can achieve it in perfect silence is a hot air balloon.

The balloon theory is most certainly a non-runner, and as for the helicopter and jump-jet, I think abductees might have noticed the noise. All my clients, for want of a better word, had witnessed, as I did with Jack Spiller, a craft capable of static hover, deathly silent and stealth like.

These things were not ours, or anybody else's down here. And no matter how much we try and wish them away, we simply cannot do it. At this point of my investigation, I had already rewritten Einsteinian physics to make he event possible, so was viewing people like Doris much more sympathetically. When I rewrote special relativity, I began to approach these people with a much clearer vision. Doris

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