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was not just some eccentric old lady that had misread events. In fact Doris, unknown even to her had a deep insight in to a set of universal secrets, I had not shared with anyone. She explained to me a set of circumstances that no one on planet Earth had the ability to fully comprehend. If she had explained these same, almost scientific events to a physicist, they would have told her simply what she claimed was not possible.

It was only with fifteen years hard, lonely work behind myself, and an enormous understanding on cosmological events, I could view her claims with an open mind. Any other scientist would have simply told Doris, what she witnessed could not have been a Spacecraft of interstellar design, because it would not be able to cross the realms of space.

When I asked Doris if those two government officials had been back, and she retorted they hadn't, I knew then they never believed her. My guess, and it is only a guess, is both officials were probably from the DScI (The Department of scientific intelligence), although quiet why they have this grand title is a mystery.

It appears the work most of them have carried out is no more than a learned experience from someone else's dedication. They mainly work on Newton's laws, espoused with Einstein's. In some ways, it's tragic, the intellectual vacuum that now encapsulates the modern world.

As we said initially, Bernard Shaw was right, when he said: 'We appear to have lost the power of wisdom through knowledge.' I would imagine, as Doris explained her experience to these two people, they would have dismissed her as a sweet old lady, perhaps attention seeking.

No doubt they stuffed their faces with Doris' scones just as I was. The only difference being, they would have left, and resigned Doris' file to some dark and dank basement to collect dust, unaware of just how important her set of events will become to man's endeavours.

Doris was like a crucial witness in a murder case. She was in the dock, telling her version of events to a sceptical jury. Only it was a metaphorical murder case, with out a body.

Doris had heard the gunshot, she had found the blood and watched the assailant cart the corpse off in the back of their car, only no one wanted to believe her. But I had what one might term the definitive proof that would vindicate Doris' story, only my proof will inevitably come from a large radio telescope. It's rather ironic really, but as I sit and write this up, I have just read in a national newspaper how British scientists are about to use Jodrell bank to search the skies for ET style messages, in conjunction with American scientists.

They intend to fit 'Special detectors to the 230ft wide dish'. They say it can detect a wave, rippling through space 220 million miles away. Really! A spokesman said: 'If intelligent life can evolve on Earth, it could elsewhere'. And that might be a fair enough answer, but what might be a more important question to ask, is, if they can't detect the bloody planet these signals might originate from, how the hell do they expect to detect a radio signal? Still, why let that stand in the way of a well funded project.

It's pathetic. Mind you, when they read our account here, it will make them sit up and take notice. I guarantee any search to try and discover radio signals, which will prove fruitless, will be quickly abandoned and replaced with our prediction for the rewrite of Einsteinian special relativity.

They will immediately start to look for (a rise and fall of starlight on a secondary equation to a Doppler). And when they discover it, which they will, simply because the theory is too perfect to be wrong, people like Doris, John and Paula will not be seen in quite the same sceptic way.

I would imagine, once science vindicates this theory, they will have journalists beating a path to their front door. But that's always supposing science tells you the truth. They might just decide to cover it up, under the pretext you would panic, as America did with Orson Wells' radio broadcast of war of the worlds.

However, if science does finally admit, what we have discovered, the implications are immense. Doris explained to me how she was taken to a large room, just as Paula was. She told me how she had to lay on a big table.

Doris insisted she wasn't scared. She said, almost dismissive of any fear, that she went through that at the hospital every four weeks, so it didn't bother her. I enquired if she remembered being examined

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